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Navajo Technical University Kirtland Instructional Site


Kirtland Instructional Site Re-Entry Plan

NTU Kirtland Instructional Site and Bond Wilson Technical Center (BWTC) and Central Consolidated School District (CCSD) will be working collaboratively during this time to ensure safety for all employees, students, and guests at BWTC. .

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Kirtland Instructional Site
45 Road 6580
Kirtland, NM 87417



Vangee Nez, Ph.D. (Diné). I’m Táchii’nii, born for Ta’néészahnii, Naakai Dine’é are my maternal grandparents, and Bit'ahnii are my paternal grandparents. I was raised by my paternal grandparents in Tocito, New Mexico. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Utah in Family Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico.

I would like to say “Ya’at’eeh” to all my relatives, students, faculty, staff, and to our Northern Navajo Agency communities surrounding Kirtland, New Mexico and to our non-Navajo communities of Kirtland, Farmington, Bloomfield, Aztec, and La Plata.

I’m the current Director at NTU Kirtland Instructional Site to oversee NTU. One of my biggest challenges is to increase our student enrollment and to hire more instructors to teach at this site. We are launching the new Plumbing Certificate Program at this site in Fall 2022. I am very excited about the Plumbing Program as we know that specialized trades are needed. The Plumbing Program needs a Technical Instructor of Plumbing. We currently have a Culinary Arts program taught by Chef Lorencita Billiman who has a wealth of knowledge on cooking with Indigenous ingredients and has won the SkillsUSA competition. Our General Education courses are taught by Professor Harrison Lapahie for Technical Math, Intermediate Algebra, and College Algebra along with Introduction to Computers. Adjunct Faculty Ms. Carmelita Lee teaches an English course in Technical Communications and Navajo Studies in Navajo I and Navajo Culture. Mr. Michael Thompson teaches English Reading & Writing Skills and Introduction to Native American Literature. We offer Welding, but we currently are looking to hire a full-time Technical Instructor of Welding and looking to hire Adjunct Faculty to teach Construction, College Success, and Nursing for Certified Nursing Assistant and other courses in the future. It is my hope to work with local businesses to build a working relationship for our students to transition into a skilled trade and/or transfer to other institutions after graduation. Our future lies in our youth.

This area is Dinetah to the Navajo people where we have our majestic sacred mountains visible to this area, our beloved Dibe Nitsaa (Hesperus Mountain) to the north, Ch’oolii (Gobernador Knob), and Dzilna’oodilii (Herfano Mountain) to the southeast, these are preeminent sacred mountain to the Navajo people and landmarks that hold stories from our ancestors. I would like to acknowledge our Jicarilla Apache Nation and the Southern Ute Nations and Pueblos who are Indigenous to this area of southern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona. I extend an invitation to you to come visit us at the NTU Kirtland Instructional Site. I invite our neighboring tribes to send their students here. I welcome all businesses to partner for student internships, apprenticeships, students to shadow at your site, and hiring of our students.

Ahehee’ (thank you). Dr. Vangee Nez



Mission: Navajo Technical University honors Diné culture and language, while educating for the future.

Vision: Navajo Technical University provides an excellent educational experience in a supportive, culturally diverse environment, enabling all community members to grow intellectually, culturally and economically.

Philosophy: Through the teachings of Nitsáhákees (thinking), Nahátá (planning), Īína (implementing), and Siihasin (reflection), students acquire quality education in diverse fields, while preserving cultural values and gaining economic opportunities.



The NTU core values are in addition to its mission, vision, and philosophy statements, and help guide the university's day-to-day operations. They apply to students, faculty, staff, and the board of regents, and help us achieve our intended goals.

  1. Íhoo’aah: Learning - We are passionate about knowledge and continue to learn throughout our lives. We pursue new experiences and ways of thinking. We appreciate that much of our learning will occur by interacting with others, inside and outside of the classroom.
  2. Éédééhtį: Innovation - We encourage and support our faculty, staff, and students in all forms of scholarship, including the discovery of knowledge in teaching and learning, and in developing innovative products and processes.
  3. Ałk’izhdiitį: Communication - We strive to practice honest and open exchanges of ideas in an environment where encouragement serves as the basis for our communication.
  4. Ahiłna’anish: Collaboration - We work together towards the common goals of the university and our larger communities, while valuing teamwork, participation, and a wealth of ideas.
  5. ’Adiłjidli ̨́: Integrity - We seek to reflect integrity by upholding the highest ethical standards in personal and professional behavior, and in our commitment to transparency and accountability.
  6. Ałhidilzin: Respect - We strive to be a community that appreciates the gifts and unique contributions of each person. We honor the Navajo way of life while also welcoming diverse perspectives.
  7. Na’alkaah: Research - We create new knowledge that benefits the Navajo people and all human beings through ethical research practices. Academic Excellence Committee: 2/26/2021 http://www.navajotech.edu/about/mission



Navajo Technical University’s Kirtland Instructional Site is housed in the Bond Wilson Technical Center (BWTC) in Kirtland, NM. There is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Navajo Technical University (NTU) and Central Consolidated School District (CCSD). On August 31, 2018, NTU and CCSD celebrated a grand opening of BWTC, the first early college high school academy in the state of New Mexico. High school stduents from Shiprock, Newcomb, Kirtland, and Career Prep participate in dual-credit courses at the instructional site, formerly Grace B. Wilson Elementary School, where they are able to earn college credits throught NTU offers adult classes, as well as internships, community service opportunities, and other hands-on experiences, that enable students to find employment and/or graduate in a certificate or degree program. NTU and CCSD developed a partnership with local industries to offer courses at the new instructional site.



NTU Kirtland Instructional Site is still growing. Our goal are the following:

  1. Recruit new students from this area at this site.
  2. Have a Grand Opening for the Plumbing Certificate Program in Spring 2022.
  3. Recruit the first co-hort of students for the Plumbing Program for Fall 2022.
  4. Hire a Technical Instructor of Plumbing and start training instructor.
  5. Hire a Technical Instructor of Welding.
  6. Hire more Adjunct Faculty and add more courses.
  7. Offer evening and late afternoon courses and evening courses.
  8. Continue to honor NTU’s strategic plan in the six priorities and construct reports.



Fall Pre-Registration April 26
Faculty Return Aug. 9
Navajo Nation Code Talkers Day Aug. 10
New Student Orientation Aug. 19
Main Campus OnSite Registration Aug. 20
Instruction Begins Aug. 23
Late Registration w/fee Aug. 24-25
Holiday-Labor Day Sept. 6
Fall Graduation Petition Due Oct. 1
Midterm Exams Oct. 11-15
Fall Break Oct. 21-22
Last Day to Withdraw w/a W Nov. 1
Holiday-Veterans Day Nov. 11
Holiday-Thanksgiving Nov. 25-26
Final Exams Dec. 13-16
Grades Due to Registrar Dec. 16
Fall Graduation Dec. 17
Holiday-Christmas Eve Dec. 24






FACULTY: Lorencita Billiman Aka Chef Billiman (Diné). I am a certified Sous Chef through the American Culinary Federation with an AAS Degree in Culinary Arts from Navajo Technical University. I am originally from Buell Park, AZ (between Navajo NM and Sawmill, AZ). My passion is cooking from Indigenous to different ethnicities. I honestly do not have a favorite type of meal, but I enjoyed what my mother used to make for her five children, and you will not find it on a menu. I have been in the kitchen over 20 years, and I love spending time with my family and my babies, my daughter, nieces and nephews. Navajo Technical University has given me the opportunity to live my dream as a certified Chef and as an instructor that allows me to share my knowledge. Indeed, NTU has Endless Possibilities. I am currently a faculty at NTU Kirtland Instructional Site where I teach Professional Basic Cooking and other culinary courses, Food Safety & Sanitation, Nutrition, and ServSafe Essentials.




ADJUNCT FACULTY: Carmelita Lee (Diné) is from Sanostee, New Mexico and lives in Farmington, New Mexico. I am of the Honagháanii clan and born for the Naakai Dine’é clan. My Maternal Grandfather’s clan is Táchii’nii and my Paternal Grandfather is Naakai Dine’e. I have been teaching Navajo Language for over 23 years for the Farmington Municipal School District, 10 years for San Juan College and 2 years with New Mexico Highlands University, and currently working as an adjunct instructor at Navajo Technical University at the Kirtland Instructional Site. I will be teaching three hybrid courses: one English, ENGL1210 Technical Communications, two Navajo Studies, NAVA1110 Navajo I and NAVA2210 Navajo Culture. Currently, I am a District Instructional Facilitator for the Farmington Municipal School District. I obtained my Associates of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Diné College, Shiprock, New Mexico; a Bachelor of Arts degree in BiCultural Studies with an Emphasis in Navajo Language at Ft. Lewis College, Durango, CO; a Masters of Arts degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, AZ, and I am currently a PhD candidate at Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership. My motto for Navajo Language Learners: “Our Navajo language is beautiful and should not be forgotten. Learn to speak, read and write the language, live the culture and learn our Navajo traditions.”




FACULTY: Harrison Lapahie (Jr.), (Diné) was born in Dził Ná’oodiłii (Huerfano Mesa), NM, His clans are of the Bit’ahnii/ Táchii'nii lineage. Nishłį́, Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms People), Báshíshchíín, Táchii'nii (Red-Running-Into-The-Water-Clan), Dashíchei, Tódích'íi'nii (Bitter Water Clan) and Dashináłí, Ta'neeszahnii (Tangle People). He is an Associate Professor at NTU Bond Wilson Technical Center where he teaches math such as Technical Mathematics I & II, Introduction to Algebra, College Algebra, Mathematics for Engineering Applications, Programming I, and Introduction to Computers. He is an only child of Harrison Lapahie, Sr. and Lillie (Todychini) Lapahie. His father was a Navajo Code Talker during World War II. He grew up in the Pico-Union District of downtown Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Belmont High School. He states that he was raised as an urban Indian, not knowing or learning his Diné (Navajo) culture or language. But always considered Dził Na’oodiłii and the farmland at Hogback, and the grazing land at Table Mesa, as his homeland. He earned his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) and has 15 years of engineering experience, and 20 years of teaching electronics, computer science and mathematics, and 1 year of college administrative experience. His engineering experience involved boresight, attitude control, analysis of satellite data and systems, analysis of process control systems (including Allen Bradley PLCs, Honeywell TDC 3000, Foxboro and Rosemont instrumentation), Navy work in the over-haul and conversion of ship’s electrical systems, building a computer hardware system from scratch, cost analysis & estimation, and a lot of technical writing. He has extensive teaching experience of math, electronics, and computer courses and electronics and computer science. He taught Electronic Fundamentals, DC & AC Electronics, Industrial Control Systems, DOS, Windows, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Intro to Computer Science, C++ (creating video games), Computer Architecture & Assembly, Web Development, Operating Systems, and Novell Netware. He taught at high school, technical institutes, universities and tribal colleges at Diné College (DC) in Shiprock, and Navajo Technical University (Crownpoint, Kirtland, Teec Nos Pos). He is the owner of www.LAPAHIE.com which uses ColdFusion, JavaScript, HTML and a relational database (MS ACCESS) to make some web pages dynamic. He has administrative experience as the Chair of DMST (Dept. of Math, Science & Technology) at Diné College and faculty and was Principal Investigator for two grants that sent DC students to two different NASA facilities. Mr. Lapahie returned to his homeland after his father’s passing. He resides in NM with his family.













  • Construction
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Yoga
  • College Success

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