Navajo Technical University
Future Students

General Admissions

The following documents must be received in the Admission’s Office. There are additional requirements for all Bachelor Degree Programs and the following programs: Commercial Driver License (CDL), Registered Nursing (RN), and Veterinary. International Students have their own admissions requirements.

  1. A completed and signed NTU Application for Admission.
  2. Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) or an official record of enrollment that indicates membership with a federally recognized Indian Tribe for all Native American students.
  3. An Official high school transcript or an Official General Education Development (GED):
    • Official high school transcripts should indicate graduation date and a “passing” result from the state competency exam. Students, who do not have an official high school transcript to indicate completion, will be required to submit a notarized Verification of Completion from the school district attended.
      An applicant who has not pass the state competency exams or receive an official high school diploma will be referred to an Admission Interview Committee.
      Note: Students who do not have high school documentation are not eligible for federal student aid. These students are responsible for payments of tuition and fees.
    • GED results require a passing score of 45 or higher in all subject areas.
  4. Official college transcripts from each college attended
  5. Copy of Social Security Card — verification of legal name and SSN number
  6. Copy of DD214 if a Military Veteran to verify status
The estimated cost of attending NTU is as follows:

Cost One Semester w/CIB1 One Semester non-CIB2 Two Semesters w/CIB1 Two Semesters non-CIB2
Tuition Full Time (up to 15 Credit Hours) $876 $1,752 $1,752 $3,504
Overload (16+ Credit Hrs) and Part-Time (up to 11 Credit Hrs) $73.00 / Credit Hour $146.00 / Credit Hour $73.00 / Credit Hour $146.00 / Credit Hour
Activity Fee3 $50 $50 $100 $100
Technology Fee4 $50 $50 $100 $100
Library Fee4 $50 $50 $100 $100
Athletic Fee3 $50 $50 $100 $100
Online Course Fee $35 $35 $35 $35
Total $1,076 $1,952 $2,152 $,3,904

Out-of-state tuition does not apply since tuition at NTU is based on whether or not a student is an enrolled member of a federally recognized Indian tribe or not.

Part-Time Student — up to 11 Credit Hours
Full-Time Student — 12-15 Credit Hours
Overload Student — over 15 Credit Hours

1Enrolled members with a census number or enrollment number (CIB) of a federally recognized tribe.
2Non-enrolled member (no census number) or no enrollment number.
3Applies to Full-Time Students and Overload Students
4Applies to Part-Time Students
5Tuition is calculated at $71.25 per credit hour for enrolled tribal members up to fifteen (15) credit hours for full-time status. Additional credit hours over fifteen (15) hours will be charged per credit hour. Summer session full-time credit hour is calculated according to the number of weeks plus one. Therefore tuition is based on number of credit hours up to full time status.

Since books and supply costs vary from program to program and year to year, costs for books and supplies are calculated separately from tuition rates but still apply as part of the total coast of attendance.

On-Line Course Fee: $35.00 fee for each on-line course to cover support service (i.e., tutoring and on-line learning tools).

Accuplacer Testing

What is the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is a Computerized Placement Tool designed to provide placement and advising information for students entering college. NTU uses the Accuplacer to help students get into the classes where they are most likely to succeed. In other words, the Accuplacer determines the course placement where you will begin taking classes.  A counselor/advisor will go over your scores with you after you complete the assessment and help you create a degree plan and get ready to register for classes.

Remember: Your scores determine which classes you may take.

If you need special accommodations to take the Accuplacer, please contact Geradline Slim at 505.786.4119 to make arrangements. The Accuplacer takes approximately two and two 1/2 hours to complete, however, the assessments are not timed and you may take as long as you need.

Who needs to take the Accuplacer assessment?

The Accuplacer is required for all incoming students, unless they have already taken and passed college level English and math at another college. Students can also waive the Accuplacer with a high ACT score.

More information

Student Housing

NTU provides residential housing for both single students and students with families at the main campus. Rooms and apartments subject to the following eligibility requirements: Students who live beyond a 55-mile radius from NTU, who are enrolled full time at NTU, and have submitted all required documents are eligible to apply. Security deposits are required prior to occupancy of any NTU housing facility.

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