Navajo Technical University

Program Review


The purpose of Program Review at Navajo Technical University is to promote systematic review and evaluation of academic programs. It is central to NTU’s mission, planning, academic programming, and continuous improvement.



The Program Review Committee and Deans conduct a thorough Self-Study of each academic program every five years using the Program Review Process. The review focuses on the following:

  • Curriculum
  • Student data
  • Program assessment and improvements
  • Strengths and challenges
  • Faculty
  • Recognition
  • Cost



Each academic program is reviewed on a five-year cycle. The schedule is developed in consultation with Department Chairs and Deans. Under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Deans, a review may be extended or postponed. When possible, the schedule is coordinated with other review(s) and accreditation obligations.



The Program Review process includes five steps: 1) Planning, 2) Self-Study, 3) Hearing, 4) Analysis of Findings, and 5) Recommendations to the President’s Cabinet.

Planning. Program Review is initiated each academic year by the Deans. In the preceding spring semester, Department Chairs are reminded as to the programs scheduled for review in the subsequent year. Early in fall semester, for programs scheduled for review, chairs, program advisors, and faculty attend an orientation workshop.

Self-Study. A Self-Study is completed for each program that undergoes Program Review. A Self-Study Team consisting of Program Advisor(s) and Faculty is assigned by the appropriate Department Chair, who is ultimately responsible for the completion of each Self-Study under her or his purview. Self-Study Teams complete items assigned to them in the Program Review template; other items are completed by persons and offices as indicated in the template. Self-Studies must be completed by the end of fall semester.

The Program Review template is housed in NTU’s Google Drive to allow for multiple authors to work on the report simultaneously.

Hearing. This is conducted by the Program Review Committee and scheduled and convened in spring semester by the Deans. Each Self-Study Team presents its findings to the University community.

Analysis of findings. The Program Review Committee produces a summary report that highlights the following:

  • Recruitment and retention of faculty and students
  • Graduation rates
  • Programs quality
  • Student learning assessment
  • Teaching and academic outreach efforts of the faculty
  • Fiscal efficacy
  • Action plans

The summary report is responsive to other issues that come up in the course of the reviews. The Program Review Committee makes specific recommendations for improvement of the quality of programs reviewed, as well as identify those aspects of the programs that are exemplary.

Self-Study team members are surveyed at the conclusion of the Program Review process identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improving Program Review as a whole.

Report to the President’s Cabinet. The final step in the Program Review process is the preparation of a summary report on the year’s Program Reviews for the President’s Cabinet.

Program Review Guides

Description File
Program Review Guide for 2023-24 Download PDF
Program Review Guide for 2022-23 Download PDF
Program Review Guide for 2021-22 Download PDF
Program Review Guide for 2020-21 Download PDF
Program Review Guide for 2019-20 Download PDF
Program Review Guide for 2018-19 Download PDF

Summary Reports

Description File
Summary Report for AY24 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY23 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY22 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY21 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY20 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY19 Download PDF
Summary Report for AY18 Download PDF

Program Review Committee Members

Dianna Dekelaita-Mullet – Co-Chair (Arts & Humanities)
Jennifer Wheeler – Co-Chair (Arts & Humanities)
Shawna Begay (Career Services)
Sheena Begay (Institutional Research)
Lorencita Billiman (Applied Technology)
Arup Dey (Engineering, Math, & Technology)
Henry Fowler (Engineering, Math, & Technology)
Tilda Harrison-Woody (Business)
Sharon Nelson (Diné & Zuni Studies)
Anita Roastingear (Arts & Humanities)
Chris Storer (Applied Technology)
Cheryl Thompson (Finance)
Brenda Tom (Human Resources)
Anusuya Vellingiri (Engineering, Math, & Technology)

PRC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date File
May 3, 2024 Download PDF
March 1, 2024 Download PDF
February 2, 2024 Download PDF
January 12, 2024 Download PDF
September 1, 2023 Download PDF
February 24, 2023 Download PDF
February 3, 2023 Download PDF
January 13, 2023 Download PDF
December 2, 2022 Download PDF
November 4, 2022 Download PDF
April 1, 2022 Download PDF
March 4, 2022 Download PDF
February 18, 2022 Download PDF
February 4, 2022 Download PDF
January 14, 2022 Download PDF
December 3, 2021 Download PDF
November 5, 2021 Download PDF
September 3, 2021 Download PDF
August 20, 2021 Download PDF