Navajo Technical University

Accuplacer Testing

What is the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is a Computerized Placement Tool designed to provide placement and advising information for students entering college. NTU uses the Accuplacer to help students get into the classes where they are most likely to succeed. In other words, the Accuplacer determines the course placement where you will begin taking classes.  A counselor/advisor will go over your scores with you after you complete the assessment and help you create a degree plan and get ready to register for classes.

The Next-Generation Skills Insight™ statements are available to students on the ACCUPLACER website. Encourage your students to review these statements prior to testing to better understand the skills they’ll need to demonstrate on each test. The statements are also a great resource post-testing to help students interpret their performance.

Remember: Your scores determine which classes you may take.

If you need special accommodations to take the Accuplacer, please contact Virginia Edgewater at 505.786.4138 to make arrangements.

The Accuplacer takes approximately two and two 1/2 hours to complete, however, the assessments are not timed and you may take as long as you need.


Who needs to take the Accuplacer assessment?

The Accuplacer is required for all incoming students, unless they have already taken and passed college level English and math at another college. Students can also waive the Accuplacer with a high ACT score.


Accuplacer Testing

All new students are required to take the Accuplacer placement test to place students in the appropriate Math and English courses. Transfer students who have successfully completed a college level English and Math with a C or better at another institution (as recorded on an official transcript) will not have to take the test if the course was completed within 10 years of the admission date on the application.

NOTE:  Students who place lower on the Accuplacer placement test than the English or Math courses required by the program requirements for the certificate or degree they are seeking will be required to take additional English or Math courses to help them reach the level of proficiency required for the level they need to complete their certificate or degree. EXAMPLE: a student whose Accuplacer score places them in ENG-098 will have to satisfactorily complete ENG-098 (a grade of C or better) before they can take the higher level required English course(s) for their certificate or degree.

  • You need to have your acceptance letter including your Student ID# before you schedule your appointment.
  • No cell phones or calculators
  • Please be prompt or you will have to reschedule, no walk-ins



Where do I take the Accuplacer?
You will take the Accuplacer in the Admissions/Registration Building located between the Library and Cafeteria. Call 505.387.7365 for scheduling.

What if I am a distance student?
Although we do not offer the Accuplacer online, we do offer the exam at our campus branch sites, Teec Nos Pos (928.656.3600) and Chinle (928.674.5764). Please call the appropriate site to schedule an appointment.

What will I be assessed in? The Accuplacer has three parts:

  • Reading Comprehension – multiple choice questions related to reading skills, such as identifying the main idea and making inferences.
  • Sentence Skills (English) – multiple choice questions related to sentence structure and grammar…how sentences are put together and what makes a sentence complete.
  • Mathematics (Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra) – multiple choice questions that measure your understanding of math. Questions that range from arithmetic to college-level mathematics are included. You will begin with the easiest section, and depending on your math skills you may advance to more challenging Algebra questions.

How can I best prepare for the Accuplacer?
The Accuplacer Web-Based Study App features practice tests in Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, College-Level Math, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills. You can access the site from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and familiarize yourself with the basice content areas of Accuplacer tests. The Study App site inlcudes the following features: “Learn As You Go” tests provide you with explanation of the correct or incorrect responses, Sample Tests help you experience what a real test may be like on test day, Save your work and process, and resume practicing at a later time, Review your score history to identify areas of strength and weaknesses, and 6 months of access to the Accuplacer Web-Based Study App. NOTE: Sign-Up is required on the CollegeBoard site to download Study App

(Study App Supported Web Browsers: Safari 6.0.x, Firefox 16.0.x, Internet Explorer 8.0.x or later, Google Chrome 22.x or later. Supported Mobile Operating Systems: IOS version 5.0 or later, Andriod version 2.3 or later.)

Can I retake the Accuplacer if I don’t like the scores I received?
Yes you may. A review of the subject area is strongly encouraged before you retake the Accuplacer. Students must pay a $50 fee to take additional challenge tests.