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Regional Transport (Fleet Management NTU Student Transportation)

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Contact Information

Main: 505.387.7496 EXT 1138

Byron Charlee, Fleet Management Coordinator
Phone: 505.387.7495

Shirley Long, Administrative Assistant – Student Transportation Services
Phone: 505.387.7498

The Student Transportation Procedures is specifically designed for Navajo Technical University students that are commuting from one of the established routes. NTU Students may apply at Modular 1 building, Fleet Management office located on the North side of NTU campus. The Transportation registration period starts at the beginning of each of the semesters. Semester cost under Student Handbook and Fleet Management is $ 425.00 per semester. Transportation is from Monday to Friday of each class session. NTU students is based on each route of 5 or more students per route under Fleet Policy and Procedures. Max limit is 14 students per NTU van per route. Student Transportation is not a right but a privilege.


The NTU student must be enrolled with Navajo Technical University and a Fleet application must submit with the following documents:

  • Student Transportation Application, completed and signed
  • Copy of NTU Student I.D.
  • Copy of NTU Class schedule

Once all documents are in place, the Fleet Management office will then validate the documents.

  • If approved, a ticket will be issued to the NTU student, who will be totally responsible for the safe keeping and usage of the ticket.
  • If disproved, justification will be provided to the student who may appeal to the Dean of Student Services within 3 working days of decision. Both Fleet Coordinator and Dean of Student Services will make the final agreement decision.

Student Transportation will be closed for further registration once the route is full or close date listed for that semester. The Coordinator will submit Transportation charge to the Business Office for process under Student Billing. Charges are listed in the NTU Handbook. Pro-Rate are not allowable, and the fees may change without Navajo Technical University hand book changes rate as listed.


Routes are established on the Needs-Based system. The following routes are provided:

Crownpoint Campus

  • East Gallup Route
  • North Gallup Route
  • Farmington Route
  • Pueblo Pintado Route


Chinle Campus

  • Tsaile and Many Farms Route


Transportation schedule/time can be delayed or changed due to inclement weather condition by the Fleet Coordinator or designee. All routes are based on NTU Student enrollment of 5 or more students being transported and will be determine by the Fleet Coordinator.


Transportation Drivers
Drivers are assigned routes by the Fleet Coordinator. Drivers can refuse a NTU student if there is any cause for Safety concern or a violation has occurred per Student Handbook. The NTU Driver will submit a documented report to the Fleet Coordinator upon return to the NTU campus.


Navajo Technical University
Fleet Management Office
P.O. Box 849
Crownpoint New Mexico 87313
Office 505-786-4209/4207
Fax 505-786-4210

Navajo Technical University
Chinle Instructional Site
P.O. Box 849
Chinle, Arizona 86503
Office 928-656-3600
Fax 928-674-5700

Navajo Technical University
TeecNosPos Instructional Site
P.O. Box 1203
TeecNosPos, Arizona 86514
Office 928-656-3600