Navajo Technical University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an entrance exam?
Applicants take the Accuplacer test to help determine placement in the appropriate classes.

Must I have a high school diploma?
Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED to be eligible for acceptance.

What are the GPA and SAT/ACT cutoffs for admissions?
Navajo Technical University is currently an open enrollment University, so there are no cutoffs for the GPA or the SAT/ACT.

What if I don’t know exactly what program I’m interested in?
No problem! This is one of many reasons why we require all potential students to meet with the Job Placement Counselor or Coordinator.

Are any support services available?
At Navajo Technical University, we pride ourselves on an extensive Support Network designed to help each and every one of our students achieve their career goals. Our team is ready to assist you with the admissions process, financial aid, and advisement.

Will my credits from Navajo Technical University transfer to other colleges?
Transferring credits from NTU to another institution is not guaranteed, as it is up to the receiving institution to decide if they will accept NTU’s credits. Check with the Registrar at the other school to find out if they accept our credits.

Will Navajo Technical University accept credits previously earned by another institution?
NTU does consider credits for transfer from other accredited colleges. Decisions to accept incoming credits to NTU from another school are made by the Registrar. Information regarding these previously earned credits should be shared with your Advisor when inquiring about Navajo Technical University.

How do I begin enrolling with NTU?
Start with an Undergraduate Application, fill out and send with documents or the application itself, but will be pending.  The documents are an Official original Certificate of Indian Blood, an official high school transcript or official GED test scores in a sealed envelope and if you attended any other college or university, an Official transcript in a sealed envelope.  Once the application and ALL documents are received, you will receive an official letter of acceptance to the college.

What are the deadlines for submitting all of my application materials?
If you’re applying as a freshman it is best to get it in as soon as you can, for Housing and Financial Aid purposes. For the Fall semester it is usually great to have everything in by June.  For the Spring Semester it will be in December.

Does NTU provide childcare?
Yes, the Child Care is open to full time students and the day care also encourages you to apply early. You can contact the manager at 505.786.4122

Does NTU provide housing?
Housing is provided for full time students. There are the Efficiency apartments for single students and Family Housing for families. The Residential Department does have an application process, if you need more information you can contact the residential manager at 505.786.4175

Does NTU provide different Modes of Instruction?
Navajo Technical University is currently offering different modes of instruction such as Online – AsynchronousOnline – SynchronousFace-to-Face, and Blended or hybrid. More information can be found within this document.