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Welcome To Navajo Tech!

Our faculty and staff are eager to serve you. You’ll be in small classes with faculty that know your name and who are interested in your success. NTU offers a variety of courses, programs and services to meet your individual needs. Whether you plan to transfer after two years, complete a certificate or degree that will immediately prepare you to join the work force, or just take a couple of classes to brush up on specific skills, Navajo Technical University can help you meet your goals.

Navajo Technical University has an open-door policy for admission. Our General Catalog will be one of the most important publications in your college career. It provides the course content and related policies that will guide you toward your educational endeavors. Your attendance and participation in all your classes is of utmost importance toward your learning process and accomplishments.
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NTU has had a tradition of excellence since 1979, and your gift—no matter the size—will help NTU improve facilities for faculty and students as well as ensure our future as one of the top tribal schools.

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Domenici Library

The Pete V. Domenici Library is conveniently located on the NTU campus.
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NTU provides residential housing for both single students and students with families at the main campus.
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We offer degrees, in various disciplines...

Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees...
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  • Navajo Technical University is committed to a high quality, student-oriented, hands-on-learning environment based on the Diné cultural principles: Nitsáhákees, Nahátá, Īína, Siihasin.


    NTU curently offers the following degree programs: certificates, associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees.


    Students, faculty, and staff will provide value to the Diné community through research, community engagement, service learning, and activities designed to foster cultural and environmental preservation and sustainable economic development.

  • Crownpoint, NM

    NTU's primary campus is located on the Eastern portion of the Navajo Nation. Click here for directions...

    Chinle, AZ + Teec Nos Pos, AZ

    NTU has two instructinoal sites in Arizona to expand opportunities to the Navajo Nation. Click here for directions...
  • The Navajo Chief Manuelito had the answer:  "My grandchildren, education is the ladder," he told us 140 years ago, and since that time Navajo leaders have pursued his vision.  Our college, Navajo Technical College, is an important step on that ladder.


    NTU has developed into a respected technical-vocational tribal college that addresses the continually changing requirements of its students.  The university offers a broad selection of certificates and degree programs, each designed to prepare students for entry into careers and further education.  Our graduates' professional and academic success is living testimony to the quality of their education at NTU.


Welcome to Navajo Technical University. Navajo Tech is committed to offering quality technical, vocational, and academic degrees, and community education in student oriented, hands-on learning environment based on the Dine Philosophy of Education. Our primary campus is located in Crownpoint, New Mexico; two Arizona instructional sites in Chinle and Teec Nos Pos are growing rapidly!