Navajo Technical University


Navajo Technical University currently provides some financial assistance through various funding opportunities. Through many initiatives around campus, NTU has secured funding from various organizations to help offset the cost of attendance. Our goal is to increase recruitment, retention and graduation rates of our students by providing opportunities for students to apply for funds. 

Important Information:

  • Most scholarships are awarded per semester and are not distributed in annual sums.
  • If your eligibility or status changes at any time, your application or award maybe voided or
  • Not all qualified applicants will receive an award, due to limited funding.
  • See eligibility requirements for each of the Scholarships below.
External Scholarship & Resources HS UG GR
AIANTA Tourism & Hospitality Scholarship   X  
All Nations Alliance for Minority Participation: ANAMP (STEM)   X  
American Indian College Fund – Native Pathways (AICF) X X X
American Welding Society   X  
Arizona Community Foundation   X  
Arizona Scholarships – Scholarship Search Engine   X  
Computer Science Scholarships and Financial Aid   X  
Continental Divide Electric Education Foundation Scholarship   X  
Dan Begay Foundation for Excellence (FT or PT)   X  
Daniels Fund / Daniels Scholarship Program   X  
Education Forward – Arizona (Freeport/McMoran)   X  
Federal Student Aid (FSA) – FAFSA   X X
Financial Aid Resources for Hispanic Students   X  
Hispanic & Latino Scholarship Fund   X  
Hispano Chamber Scholarship   X  
Intertribal Timber Council   X  
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Program   X  
National Indian Education Association (NIEA) X X X
Navajo Nation Department for Self-Reliance   X  
Navajo Nation Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation Services X X  
New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department: Scholarship and Wage Supplement Program   X X
NM ECECD – Advanving a Bilingual and Indigenous Early Childhood Workforce Application   X  
NM Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarship Program   X  
Nursing Scholarships and Financial Aid   X  
Office of Dine’ Youth X X  
Santa Fe Communication Foundation – Scholarships   X  
The Tahnazbah Carol Kallico Scholarship Foundation   X  
Udall Foundation   X  
US Eagle Credit Union – Scholarships   X  
Zuni Youth Enrichment Project X X