Navajo Technical University

Bachelor of Applied Science

An undergraduate degree that focuses studies on an applied science with hands-on projects or fieldwork. A B.A.S. degree is designed for students that work immediately after graduation; they are more focused on vocational subjects. Students pursuing a B.A.S. degree normally build on an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology

The Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology will provide students with a strong background in traditional methods while emphasizing new and emerging manufacturing methods.

Hotel Administration

Hotel and Restaurant Administration

The mission of the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program is to prepare students to become effective and efficient entrepreneurs, managers and executives in culinary, gaming, tourism and hospitality industries. 

Computer Science

Information Technology

This program is structured to prepare students for immediate and continuing employment in two different areas: Careers in programming and computer or network operations and digital moviemaking, digital sound, and graphics. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology has a unique blend of computer programming and information technology skills.

New Media

Information Technology - New Media

The New Media in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology prepares students to be effective in video/audio production and postproduction environments that also includes a unique blend of information technology skill sets.