Navajo Technical University

Online Complaint Form

Navajo Technical University takes students, faculty, staff, and community complaints very seriously and works with everyone to resolve formal complaints in a timely manner. The University is committed to treating everyone fairly and respectfully. The University’s policies that apply to students are published annually in the NTU student handbook, student e-learning policies, and in the NTU catalog. These publications are available on-line on the NTU website, In an instance of perceived violation of a University policy, a student may file a complaint.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) is the outside entity responsible for the accreditation of programs offered by NTU. Accredited institutions are required to submit progress reports, monitoring reports, contingency reports, and annual reports. If you are still dissatisfied with the University’s resolution, you may file a complaint with Higher Learning Commission (HLC):

Every SARA institution is required to provide information on its institutional website explaining how students who attend the institution from another state via distance education can appeal a complaint that has exhausted the institutional complaint process. If after exhausting the institutional process a student feels a complaint has still not been adequately addressed, the student can file a complaint with the New Mexico SARA State Portal Entity. More detailed information about the SARA student complaint process can also be found on the NC-SARA website.


Complaints are received, monitored, and evaluated, wherever possible according to existing policy and resources. Those who submit an online complaint will receive an email copy. If you feel uneasy filling out the online complaint form, follow the internal process, refer to the Faculty handbookOmbudsman (Faulty and Staff), and Student complaint processes.

Electronic Submission

Please complete all portions of the form below:

Please refer to the Student Complaints Policy before filling out this form. This form is to be used to submit a formal complaint students have been unable to satisfactorily resolve with the faculty, staff, students or others involved. Please complete all fields so your complaint may be directed to the proper university officials. Complaints may be submitted anonymously; however, unless you include your contact information, NTU will be unable to investigate your complaint or respond back to you regarding the subject matter.

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