Online Courses

Online Courses

Online (ONL)
Course offered fully online using Moodle or some type of learning management system or web presence to enhance the course.


Online Spring 2017 Courses

IT 490B-1

Course NumberCourse NameTime (Days / Week)LocationInstructorCreditsCap
HST 210-ONL American History to 1877 Online M. Swick 3 25
HST 211-ONL American History 1877 to Present Online M. Swick 3 25
HST 220-ONL History of the American Southwest Online M. Swick 3 25
HUM 170-ONL History of Native Americans in Media Online E. Roastingear 3 20
PSY 105-ONL Introduction to Psychology Online C. Baki 3 20
MTH 113-ONL Technical Mathematics II Online R. Nacorda 3 20
MTH 115-ONL Introductory Algebra Online C. Henry 3 20
MTH 120-ONL Intermediate Algebra Online Dr. Paez 3 20
MTH 121-ONL College Algebra Online S. Han 3 20
NAV 211-ONL Navajo History Online L. Chicag 3 20
LAW 113-OL6 Domestic Relations and Family Law Online Sara Espahagodi 3 15
LAW 202-OL6 Procedure in Criminal and in Civil Cares Online Sara Espahagodi 3 15
IT 160-1 Introduction to Digital Ethics Online H. Louis 3 15
IT 490B-1 Senior Project B Online H. Louis 3 15
IT 275-1 Media Criticism Online H. Louis 3 15

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