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Mission Statement
Specifically, the aspiration of our Department is to prepare students to make contributions to their local communities and beyond as educators, researchers, and professionals. In support of this mission, and recognizing the breadth and diversity in the life sciences, the Navajo Technical University Department of Biology offers its students a comprehensive education in the biological sciences by providing them the opportunity to pursue a B.S degree with emphasis in general biology. Our goal is to graduate students with a broad understanding of the processes, concepts, and organizations of life at the molecular/cellular, systemic/organismal, and the community/ecosystems levels. To strengthen this goal, students are required to reinforce the theoretical knowledge gained in various courses with laboratory and field experiences that will eventually prepare them to pursue a range of careers in the general education, biological sciences, allied health, and health sciences, including many other fields that engage directly with various aspects of human adaptation and welfare. Since today’s professional biologist need advanced degrees or specific training, our program prepares them to pursue higher degrees in biology and health-related professional schools.

The Biology Degree program is rich in biology and chemistry, and other related areas of study that includes biochemistry, genetics and cell biology. The program provides a solid background in physics and mathematics.

Students develop a broad knowledge of biology that is integrated with dynamic high quality research programs in specialized areas like molecular biology, genetics, animal and plant physiology, ecology, cell and developmental biology, evolution and behavior. Research experience would instill students the scientific application of theoretical knowledge to real world problems, as well as the opportunity to work with and get to know researchers working in their desired fields. Knowledge of these specialized subjects is intended to lay the groundwork for entry into a range of much needed professions in the Native American Communities such as the Navajo Nation, including medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, conservation and management of the environment, and broader job opportunities elsewhere in biotechnology, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

A student needs to complete the core Biology and general education courses within the first two years of study with a grade point average of 2.5 or better before taking the upper level core courses (300 and 400-level courses).


Biology Requirements (130 Credits)

COM-130   Public Speaking 3
ECN-111   Introduction to Economies 3
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
PSY-105   Introduction to Psychology 3
MTH-121   College Algrebra 4
Semester TWO 
ENG-111   Composition and Research 3
MTH-123   Trigonometry 4
HUM-170   History of Native American in Media 3
NAV-110   Foundations of Navajo Culture 3
BIO-120   Principles of Biology I 4
Semester THREE 
HST-220   History of the American Southwest 3
NAV-225   Diné Philosophy of Education 3
PSY-210   Developmental Psychology 3
CHM-120   General Chemistry 4
PHY-101   Introduction to Physics 4
Semester FOUR 
MTH-315   Biostatistics 4
BIO-122   Principles of Biology II 4
CHM-122   General Chemistry II 4
PHY-111   Algebra-Based Physics 4
Semester FIVE 
BIO-222   General Botany with Lab 4
CHM-468   Organic Chemistry with Lab 4
BIO-224   Microbology 4
BIO-226   Principles of Genetics 4
Semester SIX 
CHM-286   Inorganic Chemistry with Lab 4
BIO-130   Human Anatomy with Physiology I 4
BIO-302   Cell Biology 4
BIO-409   Molecular Biology 4
Semester SEVEN 
CHM-470   Organic Chemistry II with Lab 4
CHM-472   Introduction to Biochemistry 4
BIO-131   Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO-410   Ecology 4
Semester EIGHT 
BIO-404   Bioinformatics 4
BIO-408   Nutrition and Obesity 4
BIO-411   Ethnobotany 4
BIO ELEC - Choose One 
BIO-225   Medical Writing 4-5 Credits
BIO-400   Model Organisms
BIO-402   Biology Research Projects
BIO-405   Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
BIO-406   Diabetes and Complications
BIO-407   Diagnostic Enzymology
BIO-412   Developmental Energy
BIO-413   Evolutionary Biology


Program Advisors
Dr. Godwin Ifere, Associate Professor of Biology
Email: gifere@navajotech.edu
Phone: 505.786.4330

Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Calabar, Nigeria
M.Sc., Clinical Biochemistry, University of Calabar, Nigeria
B.Sc., Biochemistry, University Ilorin, Nigeria



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Navajo Technical University
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Chinle Instructional Site
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