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Navajo Technical University
PO Box 849
Crownpoint, NM 87313-0849
505 786 4100

Chief Executive Officer:  Dr. Elmer J. Guy, President

Name Change Notes:
Crownpoint Institute of Technology to Navajo Technical College (11/3/06), Crownpoint Institute of Technology to Navajo Technical College (11/3/06) to Navajo Technical University (8/5/13)

HLC Institution ID:  2828
Current Accreditation Status:  Accredited
Candidacy Date(s):  (10/30/2003 - 10/16/2005)
Accreditation Date(s):  (10/17/2005)
Year of Last PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation:  2010 - 2011
Year of Next PEAQ Comprehensive Evaluation:  2017 - 2018

Last Action: 07/14/2015

Control:  Tribal
Degrees Awarded:  Associate's, Bachelor's, Masters, Certificate

Statement of Affiliation
Higher Learning Commission

Accreditation for NTU Degree Programs
The following degree programs are accredited by specialized and professional organizations.


Carpentry (Certificate)
Construction Tech (Certificate)
Welding (Certificate)
Electrical Trades (Certificate)

Navajo Technical University is recognized by the National Center for Construction Education and Research as a Certified Accredited Training Education Facility. In cooperation with AGC New Mexico, Navajo Technical University is currently certified to train the following NCCER titles: Carpentry, Construction Technologies, Industrial Electrical, Electrical, Industrial Welding and Core Curriculum.

Culinary Arts (Certificate)
Culinary Arts (A.A.S.)
Professional Baking (Certificate)
Professional Baking (A.A.S.)

ACFEF Accreditation is a process of self-review for improvement of academic quality and public accountability of culinary arts/baking and pastry programs. This review takes place every 3-5 years or 7 years and typically invoices three major activities:

  • A self-study of the program using the standards of the ACFEF Accrediting Commission
  • A peer review of the program to gather evidence of quality and to verify documents submitted in the self-study
  • A decision/action by the ACFEF Accrediting Commission to grant accreditation, to grant with conditions, to accept a deferral request or to not accredit a program


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