Navajo Technical University

Hotel and Restaurant Administration

Hotel Administration
The mission of the Hotel and Restaurant Administration program is to prepare students to become effective and efficient entrepreneurs, managers and executives in culinary, gaming, tourism and hospitality industries. To established the regional need for a degree that will allow current students to go beyond their current programs in fields like Culinary Arts and Baking in order to increase their employability in the growing hospitality market in the Navajo Nation and near the Nation’s borders. A large number of careers that graduates from the Hospitality and Restaurant Administration BAS will prepare students for various positions related to: Restaurant Management, Lodging Management, Management of Tourist Attractions, work in the national and state parks and monuments that are common in and around the Navajo Nation, casino management, restaurant management, and catering management. There are also operations positions in all of these areas that NTU graduates from the Hospitality and Restaurant Administration will be qualified to fill.
Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,022/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,402
Room and Board $6,920
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500