Navajo Technical University

NTU students and staff pose with their hardware at the conclusion of the 2019 AIHEC student conference in Billings, MT.

This past week, NTU students traveled to Billings, MT for the 2019 American Indian Higher Education Consortium’s annual student conference. Students competed against the 38 tribal colleges and universities from across North America in both academic and athletic competitions. NTU placed in 16 categories, receiving 7 first place finishes! The students and teams who placed in the top three of their respective categories included:

1st Place
– Ruby Griffith Ramirez, Poetry Slam- 1st
– Ryan Yazzie, Nilsson Wood, Rashaundal Combs, Chase Bebo, Men’s Archery Team- 1st
– Dalyna Hannah, Cesily Cicarello, Valorie Thompson, Francesca Hubbard, Malorie McKerry, Chase Bebo, Dakota Plante, Tyler Begay, Volleyball Team– 1st
– Ryan Yazzie, Men’s Archery Individual- 1st
– Dana Desiderio, Creative Writing Non-fiction- 1st
– Shy Sloan, Creative Writing Fiction- 1st
– Ariel Dolfin, Kelby Spencer, Chantell Montoya, Lathan Pablo, Web Page Team- 1st

2nd Place
– Darreth Johnson, Dana Desiderio, Maureen Greyhair, Nicole Wilson, Women’s Archery Team- 2nd
– Nilsson Wood, Men’s Archery Individual- 2nd
– Robinson Tom, Scientific Oral Presentation- 2nd

3rd Place
– Darreth Johnson, Women’s Archery Individual- 3rd
– DeeAnna James, Lathan Pablo, and Walter Francis, Chess Team- 3rd
– Roland Begaye Jr., Powwow- 3rd
– Ryan Data, Scientific Poster– 3rd
– Darrick Lee, Scientific Oral Presentation– 3rd

Honorable Mention
– Ashley Joe, Creative Writing– Honorable Mention

A big shout out to the staff and faculty members who served as coaches throughout the competition and Tilda Woody for coordinating all the logistics of the trip! Your efforts made this trip possible, and we thank you for everything you do! Go Skyhawks!