Navajo Technical University

CROWNPOINT, NM – On July 26, 2022, Navajo Technical University (NTU) hosted the Navajo Nation Presidential Forum 2022 for a second time. All fifteen Presidential Candidates are given a chance to speak about current concerns of the Navajo Nation.

Candidates are separated into (3) different groups and will be asked several further questions:

Group A: Candidates; Nygren, Jones, Branch, Bigman, and Jumbo-Fetch.

Group B: Candidates; Manson, Benally, Dayish, and Nez.

Group C: Candidates; Davis, Cody, Sombrero, Ellison, and Tsosie.

NTU’s very own Dr. Jennifer Wheeler, Associate Professor of English, and Mr. Cuyler Frank, KCZY Radio Manager, led our Forum. NTU Moderators give each candidate three minutes to introduce themselves, explain their strategic plan and top priority in office, and keep the people of the Navajo Nation’s best interest. Each question ranged from modernizing a simpler or more efficient system within the Navajo Nation to the elders, youth, and veterans seeking positions in leadership. Alcoholism and drugs played a significant role for candidates as they continued to answer their platforms.

This Forum is an excellent chance for our Dine’ People to hear and determine their vote today. Navajo Nation Voter Registrars are available at most chapter houses. Voter registration is also open to Navajos living off the reservation. This year’s election will determine the Navajo Nation presidency, the 24 seats on the Navajo Nation Council, the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors, the Navajo Board of Education, and other offices.

All candidates: Earl L. Sombrero, Dolly Manson, Dineh Benally, Justin Jones, Buu Nygren, Emily Ellison, Kevin Cody, Sandra Jeff, Frankie Davis, Jonathan Nez, Leslie M. Tsosie, Ethel Branch, Greg H. Bigman, Frank Dayish, and Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch gave much positive feedback for NTU hosting the event.

NTU would like to thank the security team and the Navajo Nation Police Department for coming out. NTU had excellent event coverage from the live stream, photos, and other media.