Navajo Technical University

CROWNPOINT, NM – On June 23, 2022, Navajo Technical University Culinary and Professional Baking Program Instructor Chef Brian Tatsukawa will be recognized at the American Culinary Federation (ACF) 2022 awards luncheon in Las Vegas, NV on July 25th where is hard work, teaching, and most of all contributions toward the ACF will be acknowledged.

A Certified Executive Chef and a Certified Evaluator. Chef Brian Tatsukawa recently received the recipient of the Cutting-Edge Award from the ACF which recognizes a Chef’s commitment to leadership and service to the culinary profession. His commitment to Native American Chef’s across the country for the Sean Sherman aka The Sioux Chef and Nephi Craig are being recognized for having close relationships.

The future looks bright for Chef Tatsukawa, within the next year he hopes to get the Bachelor’s Degree of Hotel and Restaurant Administration accredited through the ACF and become a Certified Culinary Educator. Another goal is to be inducted into the American Academy of Chefs of Chef with friend and colleague Chef Robert Witte.

Both Chef Brian Tatsukawa and Chef Robert Witte, colleagues, started the Four Corners Chapter of the American Culinary Federation. A website to help evolve passionate chef’s share their ideas, write down recipes, activities they plan, and employment opportunities within the area. You can join the ACF as a member by submitting an application, prices vary, each member has a category based on the designation that describes you as a student to a professional culinarian.

“I have truly enjoyed being a member of the American Culinary Federation. I have met some amazing chefs from around the world and built friendships that have gone beyond the federation. I am hopeful that I can pass along the importance of joining the ACF to our students as it will give them an advantage in the culinary world.” – Chef Brian Tatsukawa

“Chef Brian came on board and wanted to teach. I was very happy with that. Brian is well deserved for this award. Very good hearted, he will give credit to his students and colleagues. He can go anywhere if he wanted to and be an executive chef. I have high hopes for him.”

His other accomplishments with the ACF include Chef Educator of the Year award in 2018 for the state of New Mexico.