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CROWNPOINT, NM – On August 6, 2022, Navajo Technical University held its annual catfish tournament in Ganado Lake, AZ.

Catfish anglers made waves over the weekend in Ganado Lake, Arizona. George LaFrance of NTU finished registration and payments from 5 am to 8 am. The official fishing competition began at 8 am, with anglers allowed to fish until 7 pm. The final measurements and weigh-ins occur from the start to the final at 6 p.m. Opportunities for giant catfish often attract anglers to this area.

Six catfish anglers attended the event along with their families. Every angler received prizes consisting of a few fishing rods, camping equipment for first and second place, and NTU memorabilia. The adult division 18 years and up only participated in the event. All proceeds go to the Navajo Technical University scholarship fund.

  • Lane Nakai 1st place – 7.7 lbs., 24 inches
  • LaBelle LaFrance 2nd place – 3 lbs., 19 inches
  • Lyle Joe 3rd place – 2.14g, 21 inches
  • Elisha Begay 4th place – 1.7 oz, 16.5 inches
  • Gavin Smiley 5th place – 1.12 oz, 18. 1 inch
  • George LaFrance 6th place – 1 lb., 16.5 inches

George LaFrance would like to thank his family for their support in helping him out. His daughter Ah-Shi Beauty owner Ahsaki LaFrance-Chachere for volunteering her time at the NTU fishing tournament, and his other daughter LaBelle LaFrance. His mother, Joycelyn LaFrance, was at the table from 5 am – 7 pm.

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