Navajo Technical University
Crownpoint, NM – The September edition of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) newsletter introduced NTU Dean of Students Casmir Agbaraji with questions about his role as an HLC peer reviewer. For over 10 years at NTU, Dr. Agbaraji served as an engineering professor and now as an administrator. He continues to make significant contributions to our university through development of degree programs, and ensuring all TCU’s compliance with academic programs.

“As we enter a new era of a rapidly evolving educational landscape, it’s important that everyone involved participate and share ideas for the benefit of our students.” said Dean Agbaraji

Click Here to read Dean Agbaraji’s interview in the HLC newsletter.

The university acknowledges his contribution to the degree programs at NTU which are accessible, affordable, and near the homes of our Navajo students. To learn more about the degrees and programs offered at NTU visit


Dr. Agbaraji