Navajo Technical University

Applying to L.E.A.P.


L.E.A.P. is an intensive summer bridge program for first-time university students enrolling with NTU. Our primary purpose is to assist first-time university students in jumpstarting their academic lives and to ease their transition into our community. Accepted applicants will participate in all L.E.A.P. activities and classes while upholding the values and regulations of NTU.

The following are eligibility requirements to be a L.E.A.P. Scholar:

  • applicants must have enrolled with NTU for Fall 2021.
  • applicants must be a first time university student, meaning they just graduated from high school.
  • applicants must have no history of behavioral issues in high school.


Application Process

  1. Any interested applicants must have registered for admittance to NTU for Fall 2021. You can register online by visiting:
  2. Once your overall university registration is complete, you can apply for L.E.A.P. by visiting:
  3. To follow up on your L.E.A.P. application, please call Sherietta Martinez-Brown at 505.387.7470 or by emailing