Navajo Technical University

Management Information Systems

Deadline for Fall 2024: April 5, 2024

Navajo Technical University’s Master of Science in Management Information Systems fully online Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MS/MIS) program is designed to provide students with competencies in three areas of concentration, Information Systems: (information assurance, data, information, and content management, sustainability, organizational change, information systems management, information systems strategy, infrastructure, and systems development, etc.), Individual Foundational Competencies: (critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, ethical analysis, leadership, problem-solving, etc.), and Domain of Practice: (business, government, healthcare, law, etc.).

The MS/MIS program’s objective is intended to provide needed education and career development foundations. The program’s focus is centered on processes that include analytics and ethics, enterprise architecture and IT Infrastructure, Information and data management, business foundations, and project management, which are integrated throughout individual courses. The curriculum is designed to obtain real-world master’s level of technical skills and communication. The MS/MIS degree follows the MSIS 2016 curriculum guidelines: Global Competency Model for Graduate Degree Programs in Information Systems,

Programs Outcomes

Navajo Technical University

Program: Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MS/MIS)

Mission: The mission of the MS/MIS program is to equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for transforming information systems and technologies in Navajo and American Indian organizational contexts.

Program Outcomes: Graduates should be able to… Direct Measures
Design policies and standards for business continuity and information assurance. Presentation rubric
Analyze the needs of a domain and determine how those needs can best be addressed with data, information, and content management solutions. Analytic thinking rubric
Design an enterprise architecture. Project design rubric
Explain how culture and ethics shape compliance behavior. Presentation rubric
Develop a plan to exploit new and emerging technologies for new purposes in an organization. Presentation rubric
Apply professional management skills to the design and management of an effective organization. Project design rubric
Establish practices for minimizing environmental impacts and planning for long-term firm viability. Presentation rubric
Design and implementation architecture for organizational data processing and system solutions, using both internal hardware resources and external service solutions. Project design rubric
Develop and deploy IT applications that satisfy user needs. Project design rubric


Online Program Expectation

Learning online requires access to the Internet and a device (laptop, tablet, etc.). In some courses, you may be required to have additional software, a webcam, etc. If you do not have the technology required for your course, please contact your program advisor to discuss alternatives as soon as possible. Please refer to the Student E-Learning policy, and Student Online Resource, Step 8 for more information.

You also must meet the following admission requirements for online learning:

  1. Possess an aptitude for success in an online learning environment
  2. Exhibit the ability to make a positive contribution to the NTU online learning community.
  3. Successfully Complete the Blackboard Ultra 101 - Student Orientation Course
  4. Complete the Student E-Learning Policies & Procedures Student Acknowledgement Form