Navajo Technical University

Commercial Driver’s License and Heavy Equipment Operator

Commercial Driver

The purpose of a one-semester certificate program in Heavy Equipment is to prepare students to operate and maintain heavy equipment for professional work in the construction industry. The students will receive classroom instruction and gain hands-on experience. A construction equipment operator drives and controls construction equipment, such as forklifts, backhoes, front end loaders, excavators, motor grades, and dozers. A heavy equipment operator assists construction of structures, bridges, roads, and buildings.

This is an entry-level tractor-trailer driver course. The primary goal of the program is to train the student driver to obtain a Commercial Driver license. Supervised training is used as a reliable way of teaching the special skills required to safely and legally operate various types of tractor-trailer combinations (van trailer, tanker, doubles, and triples). The curriculum incorporates general theories of tractor-trailer operation including proper maintenance, pre-trip inspections, daily log requirements, professional tractor-trailer maneuvers (basic skills) and field trips (driving the rig) throughout the Four Corners area. Graduates are employable as professional over-the-road drivers, drivers for local companies, or establish their own trucking company.

Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,420/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,360
Housing and Meals $7,360
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500

Program Advisor

Collins Woody

Collins Woody

Technical Instructor of Commercial Driver's License and Heavy Equipment Operator
Phone: 505.387.7456