Navajo Technical University

Early Childhood Multicultural Education

Early Childhood Multicultural Education

“Our Children will learn more because you learned more”

Navajo Technical University is dedicated to prepare Early Childhood Professionals in a culturally and linguistically diverse environment at a baccalaureate level. Students work intensely and progressively to prepare for their State Early Childhood Teacher Licensure from Birth to 8 years old.

This program provides a unique opportunity to assist present or future teachers of young children to use child development knowledge within the childcare, preschool and primary schools. This includes practical field experience, which will enhance their professional practice and gain competence in working with Infants through 8 years old and their families.

Students complete 16 full weeks of Student Teaching at an approved site during their final semester. We look forward to you to join us to bring about change in the community in order to improve the lives and education of our children.

Students are required the following:

  • Federal, State, and Navajo Nation Fingerprinting and background check
  • CPR/First Aid and Food Handling Training

Online Program Expectation

Learning online requires access to the Internet and a device (laptop, tablet, etc.). In some courses, you may be required to have additional software, a webcam, etc. If you do not have the technology required for your course, please contact your program advisor to discuss alternatives as soon as possible. Please refer to the Student E-Learning policy, and Student Online Resource, Step 8 for more information.

You also must meet the following admission requirements for online learning:

  1. Possess an aptitude for success in an online learning environment
  2. Exhibit the ability to make a positive contribution to the NTU online learning community.
  3. Successfully Complete the Blackboard Ultra 101 - Student Orientation Course
  4. Complete the Student E-Learning Policies & Procedures Student Acknowledgement Form
Note: If you are planning to apply for licensure in a state other than New Mexico after completion of your program, contact that state’s appropriate licensing board to determine whether the NTU program meets licensure requirements in that state. If you need assistance finding contact information for your program, or if you need additional information regarding professional licensure, please contact your program advisor.
Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,022/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,402
Room and Board $6,920
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500