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Mathematics is a program that focuses on the analysis of quantities, magnitudes, forms, and their relationships, using symbolic logic and language. It includes instruction in algebra, calculus, functional analysis, geometry, number theory, logic, topology and other mathematical specializations. Mathematics is a versatile program that can be applied to almost any career. A student with a degree in mathematics will have an endless opportunity. A student who studies mathematics will have the ability to think analytically, solve problems, and communicate precisely. Graduates of this program should be able to seek gainful employment as a teacher, mathematician, statistician, financial analyst, consultant, engineer, physician, lawyer, and research analyst.

Online Program Expectation

Learning online requires access to the Internet and a device (laptop, tablet, etc.). In some courses, you may be required to have additional software, a webcam, etc. If you do not have the technology required for your course, please contact your program advisor to discuss alternatives as soon as possible. Please refer to the Student E-Learning policy, and Student Online Resource, Step 8 for more information.

You also must meet the following admission requirements for online learning:

  1. Possess an aptitude for success in an online learning environment
  2. Exhibit the ability to make a positive contribution to the NTU online learning community.
  3. Successfully Complete the Blackboard Ultra 101 - Student Orientation Course
  4. Complete the Student E-Learning Policies & Procedures Student Acknowledgement Form
Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,022/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,402
Room and Board $6,920
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500

Program Advisors

Dr. Carlos Paez-Paez

Dr. Carlos Paez-Paez

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 505.786.4196

Ph.D., Mathematics/Science/Technology, University of Texas at El Paso
M.S., Mathematics Education, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Shasha Han

Shasha Han

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 505.786.4324

M.S., Math Education, Towson University
B.S., Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Qingdao University, China