Navajo Technical University

Counseling: Crisis Management and Suicide Prevention

Crisis Management
The purpose of the Associate of Arts degree in Counseling with a concentration in Crisis Management & Suicide Prevention. The program is designed to prepare students for entry level jobs as Behavioral Health Technicians with the Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health Services, and student may continue to obtain a baccalaureate degree in Counseling or Psychology. This program came about because of a request made by Rehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital and the Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Services to NTU. Problems such as death by exposure due to alcoholism, teenage suicide clusters, and substance abuse seemed to be growing in the Navajo Nation and border communities. The feeling was that more Navajo counselors trained at NTU might be one partial solution to these problems. A minimum of sixty-six academic credits must be earned in specified coursework.

Online Program Expectation

Learning online requires access to the Internet and a device (laptop, tablet, etc.). In some courses, you may be required to have additional software, a webcam, etc. If you do not have the technology required for your course, please contact your program advisor to discuss alternatives as soon as possible. Please refer to the Student E-Learning policy, and Student Online Resource, Step 8 for more information.

You also must meet the following admission requirements for online learning:

  1. Possess an aptitude for success in an online learning environment
  2. Exhibit the ability to make a positive contribution to the NTU online learning community.
  3. Successfully Complete the Blackboard Ultra 101 - Student Orientation Course
  4. Complete the Student E-Learning Policies & Procedures Student Acknowledgement Form
Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,022/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,402
Room and Board $6,920
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500

Program Advisors

Dr. Dianna Dekelaita-Mullet

Dr. Dianna Dekelaita-Mullet

Associate Professor of Psychology
Chair, School of Arts and Humanities

Ph.D., Educational Psychology, University of North Texas
B.A., Mathematics, University of North Texas

Nancy Goodwin

Nancy Goodwin

Assistant Professor of Psychology

M.S., Community Counseling, John Brown University
B.S., Organizational Management, John Brown University
A.A., Secretarial Science, John Brown University