Navajo Technical University

Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology program concentrates primarily on traditional gas powered engines. The students will be able to demonstrate on Lab Job Sheets, pass the practice tests to prepare to become ASE certified, understand an ASE certified technician’s responsibility to nature and the environment regarding shop waste disposal, basic understanding of Work Order Intake and Delivery processes. This degree will allow students to learn the scope of skills and knowledge required of those who earn an A.A.S. in Automotive Technology.
Estimated Cost of Attendance $16,022/academic year
Tuition and Fees $2,402
Room and Board $6,920
Books and Supplies $2,600
Transportation $1,600
Personal/Misc $2,500

Automotive Technology Requirements (63 Credits)

Semester ONE Credits Prerequisites
MATH 1220 College Algebra 4 MATH 1215
ENGL 1210 Technical Communication 3
BCIS 1115 Introduction to Computers 3
AUT 101 Introduction to Automotive Technology 3
AUT 103 Electrical and Electronic Systems 4
SSC 100 College Success 1
Semester TWO
NAVA 2210 Navajo Culture 3
PHYS 1115C Survey of Physics 4
AUT 102 Brake Systems 4
AUT 104 Chassis, Suspension, and Steering 4
Semester THREE
AUT 111 Drivetrains and Axles 4
AUT 113 Tune-up and Engine Performance 4 AUT 103
AUT 114 Automatic Transmissions / Transaxle Overhaul 4
AUT 212 Heating / Air Conditioning Systems 3
AUT 215 Engine Repair 4
Semester FOUR
AUT 203 Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems 4 AUT 103
AUT 213 Advanced Tune-up and Engine Performance 4 AUT 113
AUT 286 Practicum in Automotive Technology 3
Total Required Credit Hours 63

Program Advisor

Steven J. Kollas

Steven J. Kollas

Technical Instructor of Automotive Technology
Phone: 505.387.7403

Master Auto Technician, ASE
NM Level 2 Vocational/Technical Licensure A.A.S., Business Auto Technology, Northwestern Business College Technical Center, Ohio