Navajo Technical University


February 18, 2022 Report

At the Faculty Congress Meeting March 8, 2022 Listening Session Results Discussed

Faculty/Staff Survey will close on March 11, 2022


Note From the President:

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Guided by our core values and our vision to provide an excellent educational experience in a supportive, culturally diverse environment, enabling all community members to grow, Navajo Technical University was founded in 1979 to provide access to higher education to students who were being denied the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. To better understand what our collective experience is, and improve the ways in which the university responds, we conducted the listening session on February 18, 2022. After the listening session, a survey was distributed electronically to all faculty and staff to help us better understand your attitudes, experiences, and opinions.

As you may know, we are in the process of assessing how all members of our community experience our campus via the February 18, 2022 listening session report, see above link and the online survey. The goals of these are multifold: 1) to identify successful initiatives, 2) to uncover any challenges facing our university, and 3) to develop strategic initiatives that will help us to build on our successes and address any challenges.

Thank you for your contribution, Navajo Technical University and to this project.

Elmer Guy