Tselani Professional Business Consulting Services, LLC

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Mission Statement
Tselani Professional Business Consulting Service LLC’s (TPBCS) mission is to assist Native American entrepreneurs, tribal entities, nonprofits and organizations develop the strategy, knowledge, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and economic endeavors.

Dr. Lorenzo J. Begay, PhD (Navajo) is the sole proprietor of TPBCS, a professional business management and technical assistance consulting firm that is located on the Navajo Nation. We provide electronic and one-to-one business development and technical assistance services to the Navajo Nation and Native Americans interested in entering, expanding or improving their business efforts on or off American Indian reservations. TPBCS is certified as Priority #1, for it is a wholly 100% Navajo owned and operated that conducts a substantial portion of its business within the jurisdiction of the Navajo Nation. The sole owner, Dr. Begay is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation of Arizona, a federally recognized tribe and is the primary owner of Tselani Professional Business Consulting Services LLC with over 25 years of business management and consulting experiences in Native American, rural and tribal communities. TPBCS was established to assist in the development, expansion and to collaborate with Native American entities, programs, and organizations; tribal enterprises & businesses; entrepreneurs; community development & nonprofit organizations; grant schools; and tribal colleges and institutions that requires professional business and management technical assistance in small business, industrial and economic development, and community development initiatives.

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