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The Registered Nursing program is currently closed and will not be accepting applications at the moment. For more information call 505.786.4326

Career Counseling


Career counseling is offered to provide guidance to students in selecting a career path and a corresponding academic program at NTU. The career and job placement counselor uses computer-based pre-assessment testing to evaluate an individual‘s personality, interests, skills, and aptitude in order to identify his/her career competencies. Students engage in an interactive process that builds self-knowledge and assists them in developing an employment portfolio. We will also assist students in assembling an employment portfolio including a resume, documented accomplishments, pertinent awards and certificates, and a reference list.

Some programs require an internship where students have the opportunity to apply practical, job-specific skills in an actual work situation in cooperation with businesses in the private and public sector. Students enrolled in these programs must complete their internship to qualify for graduation. The student must meet with the counselor and assigned faculty advisor to begin the process of submitting documents and officially registering for the course with the Registrar‘s Office.

The job placement program aspires to provide students with an advantage in the job market by giving them an opportunity to enrich their skills in an on-the-job learning environment.

The job placement program can:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills necessary for success in a career or continued education opportunities.
  • Offer students the opportunity to prepare for a career through on-the-job experience or a research-based learning environment.
  • Provide students with guidance in selecting a specific career path and/or in choosing a college to complete educational goals.
  • Strengthen students' employability in today's job market.

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