Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement


The Academic Counselor coordinates with the First Year Advisor to assist in evaluating student’s abilities and interests to develop realistic academic and career goals. Advisement includes educational planning, choosing a major, planning for a certificate, an associate or a baccalaureate degree, and planning strategies for academic success. The counselor provides Accuplacer placement test interpretation for appropriate placement in Math and English courses. The counselor works with students placed on academic probation and a student readmitted on academic suspension and places them on contracts to work toward raising their cumulative grade point averages to include support services such as tutoring. The counselor monitors and meets with faculty to assess the progress of the student. The counselor also conducts academic support workshops. For more information, call Crownpoint campus at (505) 786-4328 or Chinle campus at (928) 674-5764.




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