Student Support Services

Student Support Services


NTU offers a variety of services to assist and support students in attaining their educational goals. These student-centered services supplement NTU’s academic offerings, help facilitate learning, and empower students to succeed personally as well as academically. Such services include counseling, child care services, food services, residential services, transportation (for commuting students), and services for students with special needs, tutoring, computer access, distance learning, and library services.


The Academic Counselor coordinates with the First Year Advisor to assist in evaluating student's abilities and interests to develop realistic academic and career goals. Advisement includes educational planning, choosing a major, planning for a certificate, an associate or a baccalaureate degree, and planning strategies for academic success. The counselor works with students placed on academic probation and a student readmitted on academic suspension and places them on contracts to work toward raising their cumulative grade point averages to include support services such as tutoring. The counselor also conducts academic support workshops. For more information, call Crownpoint campus at (505) 786-4328 or Chinle campus at (928) 674-5764.


The First Year Program has been developed to strengthen the retention rate, to improve operational efficiencies and enrollment, and the long-term success of first-year students at Navajo Technical University. The Advisor and Counselor coordinate to meet with first-year students. They evaluate the student's abilities and interests to develop realistic academic and career goals. The FYE staff provides Accuplacer Placement Testing and interpretation for appropriate placement in Math and English courses. Advisement includes educational planning, choosing a major, planning for certificate, associate, or bachelor degree, and planning strategies for academic success. Contact numbers are (505) 786-4340 and (505)786-4347


The Substance Abuse and Prevention Specialist provides intervention and prevention activities. The specialist receives referral of students who have violated NTU Drug-Free Policy who are then required to attend the counseling/group sessions as a part of their continuations as a student at NTU. The individual referrals are screened, assessed, and evaluated to develop a treatment plan. The Specialist also provides classroom-based prevention education program in health education, which is designed to increase the student’s knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse. Contact number is (505) 786-5953. The Prevention Specialist is located in Modular Building 4.


Career advisement is offered to provide guidance to students in selecting a career path and a corresponding academic program at NTU. The career advisor uses a computer-based pre-assessment test to evaluate an individual’s personality, interests, skills, and aptitude in order to identify his/her career competencies.

Some programs require an internship where students have the opportunity to apply practical, job- specific skills in an actual work situation in cooperation with businesses in the private and public sector. Students enrolled in these programs must complete their internship to qualify for graduation. The student must meet with the advisor and assigned faculty advisor to begin the process of sub- mitting documents and officially registering for the course with the Registrar’s Office.

The job placement program aspires to provide students with an advantage in the job market by giving them an opportunity to enrich their skills in an on-the-job learning environment. The job placement program can:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills necessary for success in a career or continued education opportunities.
  • Offer students the opportunity to prepare for a career through on-the-job experience or a research-based learning environment.
  • Provide students with guidance in selecting a specific career path and/or in choosing a college to complete educational goals.
  • Strengthen student's employability in today's job market.

The Career Advisor may be contacted by phone at (505) 786-4181. The Job Placement Coordinator's contact number is (505) 786-4114


All new students are required to take the Accuplacer placement test to place students in the appropriate Math and English courses. Transfer students who have successfully completed a college level English and Math with a C or better at another institution (as recorded on an official transcript) will not have to take the test if the course was completed within 10 years of the admission date on the application. The advisor and academic counselor provide Accuplacer placement test interpretation for appropriate placement in Math and English courses.

Contact numbers: Crownpoint - (505) 786-4340 and (505) 786-4337, Chinle: (928) 674-3797 and (928) 674-5765


The Disability Accommodations Specialist provides careful evaluation of the special needs program and accommodating needs of students with disabilities. The specialist conducts related counseling and support for the student, and offer professional guidance for staff and faculty on the accommodations and adjustments to program design and facilities required to serve the student appropriately. The specialist coordinates with other NTU counselors to address and case staff clientele to monitor progress and/or make necessary adjustments in accommodations. The specialist also conducts referrals to appropriate agencies as deemed necessary.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:
NTU is committed to meeting the specific needs of students with disabilities and complies with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 (42 U.S.C.12102) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. In general the term “individual with a disability” means an individual with any disability (as defined in Sec. 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12102). Students are responsible to self- identify and discuss their disability and special needs in order to receive reasonable accommodations. To receive reasonable accommodations, the student must register with the special needs counselor at the beginning of the semester. Documentation verifying the type of disability will be required by a medical professional or a state licensed diagnostician and must be made available to the specialist.

To request accommodations, contact the special needs counselor at (505) 786-4138


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