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Coleen Arviso, Director of E-Learning
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NTU’s goal is to expand access to higher education opportunities for individual and community members of the Navajo Nation and others through electronically offered classes. Distance learning and online teaching technology will be used to provide relevant and timely coursework, information, and training to enhance the learning experience by removing the barriers of both time and place. Once the distance education program is fully implemented, students can enroll at NTU from off-campus computer labs or at home. The E-Learning office is located in Modular Building 8.

E-Learning Mission at NTU

The mission of the E-Learning Department at Navajo Technical University is to provide quality instruction through electronic-based accredited courses to enable students to attain their educational goals. The E-Learning department is committed to student success by supporting efforts to ensure that quality online education and support services are available to learners through a variety of technology resources. Our department will extend the offerings of Navajo Technical University to the community and beyond through E-Learning.   NTU E-Learning Policy


  • Support and encourage the internal development of the e-learning program by promoting and providing guidelines for training, inclusion of e-learning courses in instructor workloads, and technical support.
  • Provide informational resources and support services for students enrolled in online courses.
  • Identify and address Instructor and student needs in teaching and learning online.
  • Encourage and support the use of the LMS and other technologies in both face-to-face and online learning environments.
  • Encourage the sharing of effective technology-enhanced teaching and learning practices among Instructors.
  • To identify, provide, expand, and coordinate the development of quality courses and programs to meet the needs of e-learners.
  • Develop or modify procedures for providing support services to e-learners in areas such as testing, admissions, registration, counseling, library services, financial aid, and advising using such means as email, telephone, web pages, and mail.
  • Evaluate periodically and comprehensive every facet of the e-learning program and to use these results to restructure and improve the program.



Online (ONL) Courses
Course offered fully online using Moodle or some type of learning management system or web presence to enhance the course.

Online Education Committee
Academic Year Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 and Summer 2017

NTU Online Learning Readiness Quiz
Is online learning for you? Online Learning requires computer skills, communication skills, and to be a motivated self-starter. Complete the online readiness for online learning by filling out the following assessment to get a good idea of your readiness.

A learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system to create personalized environments.

An open-source online homework system for math and science courses.

View grades, print unofficial transcripts, and view your current tuition bill.

Skyhawk Email
Log into your student email (Skyhawk Email) to correspond with your instructors via email.

Student Resource
NTU provides many best practice resources available to online learners. NTU has a variety of online and on-site resources available to students taking online courses. Take advantage of the available resources to use to become a successful online learner.

Faculty Resource
NTU provides many best practice resources to enable instructors to design, develop, and deliver high quality distance learning courses. Instructors also take advantage of one-on-one faculty development opportunities, as well as hands-on technical training.


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