NTU Student Wins Gold at National SkillsUSA Competition

lorenaGiesbrecht A
Lorena Giesbrecht, center, raises her arms in triumph after taking gold in Restaurant Services


NTU would like to recognize culinary arts graduate Lorena Giesbrecht of Aylmer Ontario, Canada for winning a gold medal in Restaurant Services at the Skills USA 2017 national conference last month in Kentucky. Lorena came to NTU last year after hearing about our institution at the 2016 SkillsUSA national conference, where she received a silver medal.

Since coming to NTU, she has thrived in the kitchen and at caterings, while also passing her ACF practical exam to become a certified sus chef! To earn her gold at this year’s SkillsUSA event, Lorena had to do four important things:

  1. Pouring Wine. She had to present the bottle of wine to the customer, and then open and pour the bottle properly - meaning the label had to face the customer at all times. She then had to pour the customer a taste after it was approved.
  2. Table Set-up. She was given a diagram of what the table was to look like and then perfectly replicate the diagram. There are certain measurements one must follow or points are deducted if it is not aligned properly. She was also expected to polish all silverware and glassware before setting the table with special napkin folds.
  3. Fine Dining Style Service. Lorena then had to take orders, serve, and bus her own tables. She also had to write guest checks by hand.
  4. Table Service. Lastly, she had to do a table-side service where the customer was able to choose between caeser salad or guacamole. She then prepared the request in front of them.


lorenaGiesbrecht B
Lorena Giesbrecht prepares the dessert portion of her culinary arts final in fall 2015.


If you see Lorena around campus, be sure to congratulate her for her tremendous achievement! And also be sure to thank Chef Bob and his culinary arts program for providing exemplary instruction and for being able to recruit Lorena to our institution last year.


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