School of Diné & Law Studies

School of Diné & Law Studies


Department Chairperson: Dr. Paul Platero
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Phone: 505.786.4100

Ph.D., Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.S., Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Diné Culture, Langauge, & Leadership, Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts
This 4 year-degree degree program is to produce graduates for employment as cultural teachers/instructors/professors, cultural interpreters, cultural social workers, health care workers, community service workers, community liaisons, health educators, various leadership roles and other relevant occupations. The program consists of a variety of practical hands-on projects along with formal classroom instruction, which produces a well-trained individual able to perform the duties required for entering cultural related occupations. Students participate in classroom, hands- on laboratory, and field experiences while working with instructors and mentors in real life situations. Students are also required to serve as interns after the fourth semester. Both English and Navajo languages are used in all areas of Western and Diné cultural education. The program is designed with two tracks: Course of study for Navajo Speakers and Course of Study for Non- Navajo Speakers.

Law Advocate, Associate of Applied Science
The Law Advocate degree program is intended to prepare students to successfully complete the requirements for admission to the Navajo Nation Bar Association and to work as legal advocates in the legal and judicial systems of the Navajo Nation. Classes will allow local community residents to receive training to acquire new job skills or enhance existing job skills. Classes are offered in criminal, civil, and family law; with an emphasis on court procedure and practical skills. Legal research, legal writing, and legal ethics will be stressed.

Legal Assistant, Certificate
The Legal Assistant Certificate is intended to provide students with office skills and specialized legal knowledge and training in order to work as legal assistants under the supervision of attorneys and law advocates in the tribal, state, and federal legal and judicial systems. The Legal Assistant Certificate program combines courses from the Administrative Office Specialist program, the Information Technology program, and the Law Advocate program, giving the student knowledge and skills in a variety of areas.

No less than 50% of all course work required for the Law Programs must be completed at NTU.

Textile & Weaving, Certificate
The students will be taught how to weave Navajo rugs and also understand the oral tradition and history of Navajo weaving. A certificate course in Textile and Weaving at Navajo Technical University requires 31 credit hours and it is designed for a one-year program of study. Job opportunities in Textile and Weaving include: instructor position, self- employment, textile manager, and fabric designer.


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