School of Arts & Humanities

School of Arts & Humanities


Department Chairperson: Dr. Marlon Fick
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph.D., English, University of Kansas
M.A., English & Poetics, New York University
B.A., Eastern & Western Philosophy, University of Kansas

Creative Writing + New Media, Bachelor of Fine Arts
The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in Creative Writing and New Media that is offered by Navajo Technical University will provide the knowledge and skills needed to secure gainful employment in a digital environment, to publish and market creative works online, or simply to function as a full participant in this new digital age.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing and New Media develops skilled writers who are technologically savvy, in order to foster the continuance of the narrative legacy of the Navajo people and expand its reach into the digital realm, and to advance participation in the international digital revolution. The transition to digitization is everywhere affecting education, business, and the arts. The digitization of the publishing industry, in particular, and the ever-increasing scope and influence of New Media, is creating unprecedented opportunities for writers, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide, including the Navajo Nation.

The unique hybrid nature of the program, which builds upon a core Creative Writing program with additional coursework in New Media studies, offers a unique opportunity for students to go beyond the scope of the traditional Creative Writing program—which typically culminate with the production of a hard-copy manuscript—and produce a visual or digital product. The Navajo Nation is producing more and more writers, filmmakers, web-based designers and new media artists, clearly demonstrating a growing interest in these fields.

General Education — Weekend College, Associate of Arts
The purpose of the Associate of Applied Science degree in General Education, also known as the Weekend College Program is to provide a flexible accelerated degree program format that allows adult learners to complete their degree by attending classes exclusively on the weekends. They offer practical introductions to the field of general education classes at the college level; additionally students may transfer to a four-year college or University campus for the bachelorette degree. A minimum of sixty-two academic credits must be earned in specified coursework.


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