Pre-Nursing Certificate

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Pre-Nursing Certificate


The Pre-Nursing program is for students who are interested in pursuing an associate degree in registered nursing as well as those who are seeking employment in the health care field as a nurse assistant. Through this certificate program, students will learn the specific skill set and obtain the specific courses that are the foundation of associate degree courses in the health profession. Since associate degree programs in nursing require students to have the skills learned in nurse assisting courses, inclusion of the nurse assisting courses serve to meet this requirement while also preparing students for immediate employment as a nurse assistant.

Upon successful completion of this program, students are awarded a Pre-Nursing Certificate and are eligible to take the New Mexico Nurse Assisting Certification (CNA) exam. Students are required to have or obtain CPR training on their own prior to beginning their internship. The appropriate level of CPR training required will be explained by the nurse instructor. In addition, students are also required to have a physical exam and current tuberculosis test (PPD) to be admitted into clinical internship placement. Students that are currently in the Pre-Professional Nursing will continue with the requirements of the catalog year they started with.

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Pre-Nursing Requirements (31 – 32 Credits)

General Education RequirementsCredits
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
MTH-113   Technical Mathematics II 3
NAV-XXX   Diné Studies Course 3
CMP-101   Introduction to Computers 3
Pre-Nursing Core Courses 
Semester ONECredits
NRS-103   Basic Medical Terminology 3
NRS-110   Body Structure and Functions 4
Semester TWO 
NRS-101   Nursing Assistant Theory and Lab 5
NRS-102   Nursing Assistant Internship 1
PSY-105   Introduction to Psychology 3
ELEC-XXX   Elective: 3 - 4
Total Required Credit Hours31 - 32
Recommended Elective Course ListingCredits
NAV-211   Navajo History 3
ENG-111   Composition and Research 3
BIO-130   Human Anatomy and Psychology I 4
BIO-131   Human Anatomy and Psychology II 4
CHM-110   Elements of Chemistry 4
PSY-210   Developmental Psychology 3
COM-130   Speech Communication 3
COM-150   Internpersonal Communication 3
NRS-115   Technical Math for Health Profession 3
SOC-101   Introduction to Sociology 3


Program Advisors
Rachel Pacheco, Instructor of Nursing Assistant Program
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 505.786.4342

B.S., Nursing, University of New Mexico
Licensed Registered Nurse


Harriet John, Instructor of Nursing Assistant Program (Chinle)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A.S., Nursing, University of New Mexico
Licensed Registered Nurse


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