Environmental Science B.S.

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Environmental Science B.S.

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Navajo Technical University has several programs under the Bachelor of Science Degree which includes the following; Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science, Industrial Engineering. These fields of study encourage students to develop new skills for future careers. The Environmental Science Shima’ Nahasdza’a’n Bee Iina’/ Mother Earth Give Life program focuses on the interaction of living organisms, natural resources, and conflicts with human growth. Students study world environments and walk away with career tools to better manage national resources.

Admission Requirements
A Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science requires 133 credit hours. The Environmental Science degree is designed for a four-year program of study. Students in the baccalaureate degree programs are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA and complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in the upper division courses, (i.e., 300 and 400 level courses before they can graduate).

Mission Statement
General Education is the foundation for all degree and certificate programs at Navajo Technical University. It provides student with knowledge, skills, attributes, and values needed to learn actively, communicate clearly, think critically, creatively, and reflectively, and to interact effectively in diverse environments. NTU's general education is to educate students within the Dine Philosophy of Education to be independent, critical thinkers, competent in their chosen professions by possessing a solid foundation in Math, English, Laboratory, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Communication, and Information Technology.

Program Goals
All students should maintain their passing grade of 75% scores or higher to continue their required courses. With an emphasis on the environmental regulations submissions to the philosophy of the program, which is designed to meet the needs of the understanding of the Tribal, State, Federal Environmental & Natural Resources management, and the Enforcement entities. This program provides a wealthy background in the following categories; Natural Resources Management, covering the Natural Science courses, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Environmental Law, and Regulations of Enforcements. The program goals are the motivations on addressing environmental & natural resources management in Native American communities and homelands.

At least one summer internship of 3-hour credit course of (ENV-312) is required of all students. Requirements in the four year Environmental Science program at Navajo Technical University of successfully completing a summer internship of practicum in the Environmental Science & Natural Resources. This summer internship requires a mentor and/or supervisor of an institution or development of Science industry, and the student intern is responsible to schedule a presentation session to their fellow colleagues with a 48x36 inch poster.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this program should be able to seek gainful employment in entities and organizations that deal with natural resources management, environmental protection, energy production, environmental protection and enforcement, and mineral extraction and processing.

Contact Information: If you are interested in this program or would like more information, please contact us. Thank you!

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Environmental Science & Natural Resources Program
Office Phone: (505)-786-4147
Environmental Technical Room 301

Environmental Science and Natural Resources (123 Credits)

NAV-225   Diné Philosophy of Education3

ENV-101   Environmental Science with Lab 4
MTH-121   College Algebra 4
CMP-101   Introduction to Computers 3
GIT-105   Fundamentals of Cartography 3
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
Semester TWO 
ENV-182   Environmental Science II with Lab 4
CHM-120   General Chemistry I 4
MTH-123   Trigonometry 3
BIO-110   Elements of Biology 4
Semester THREE 
CHM-122   General Chemistry II 4
ENV-216   Fundamentals of Ecology with Lab 4
COM-130   Public Speaking 3
HUM-170   History of Native Americans in Media 3
ENV-245   Natural Resources I 4
Semester FOUR 
MTH-150   Pre-Calculus I 4
ENV-289   Natural Resources II 4
ENGR-234   Engineering Statistics 3
HST-211   American History 1877 to Present 3
Semester FIVE 
ENG-112   Technical Research and Writing 3
CHM-254   Environmental Chemistry with Lab 4
ECN-111   Introduction to Economics 3
GIT-110   Geographic Information Systems I 3
Semester SIX 
ENV-255   Introduction to Hydrology with Lab 4
ENV-350   Environmental Law I 3
ENV-365   Natural Resources Management with Lab 4
CHM-286   Inorganic Chemistry with Lab 4
GIT-111   Geographic Information Systems II 3
Summer Session 
ENV-312   Summer Internship 3
Semester SEVEN 
ENV-425   Advanced Environmental Law 3
GIT-202   Remote Sensing 4
ENV-485   Environmental Regulation Enforcement 3
CHM-468   Organic Chemistry with Lab 4
Semester EIGHT 
GIT-220   Database Query 3
ENV-464   Capstone 4
NAV-225   Diné Philosophy of Education 3
GIT-210   Service Learning Project 1

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Steven Chischilly
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M.S., Biological Science EPO,
University of Colorado

B.S., Biological Science,
Fort Lewis College

A.S., Agriculture,
Fort Lewis College

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Bill Mader
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Ph.D., Zoology,
Brigham Young University

B.S., Wildlife Biology,
University of Arizona

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