Creative Writing and New Media B.F.A.

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Creative Writing + New Media, B.F.A.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program Creative Writing and New Media that is offered by Navajo Technical University will provide the knowledge and skills needed to secure gainful employment in a digital environment, to publish and market creative works online, or simply to function as a full participant in this new digital age.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing and New Media develops skilled writers who are technologically savvy, in order to foster the continuance of the narrative legacy of the Navajo people and expand its reach into the digital realm, and to advance participation in the international digital revolution. The transition to digitization is everywhere affecting education, business, and the arts. The digitization of the publishing industry, in particular, and the ever-increase scope and influence of New Media, is creating unprecedented opportunities for Writers, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide, including the Navajo Nation.

The unique hybrid nature of the program, which build upon a core Creative Writing program with additional coursework in New Media studies, offers a unique opportunity for students to go beyond the scope of the traditional Creative Writing program—which typically culminate with the production of a hard-copy manuscript—and produce a visual or digital product. The Navajo Nation is producing more and more writers, filmmakers, web-based designers and new media artists, clearly demonstrating a growing interest in these fields.

  • General Education Requirements36 Credits
  • Department Requirements30 Credits
  • Program Requirements36 Credits
  • Track A (Moving Image) or Track B (Interactive Design) – 18 Credits



Creative Writing and New Media Requirements (122 Credits)

General Education RequirementCredits
CMP-101   Introduction to Computers 3
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
ENG-110   Composition and Research OR
ENG-112   Technical Research and Writing
ENG-150   Introduction to Literature 3
MTH-121   College Algebra 4
NAV-101   Navajo Language for Non-Speakers OR
NAV-201   Navajo Language for Native Speakers
3 - 4
Physical Sciences: BIO-110, BIO-120, BIO-121, BIO-131
BIO-224, CHM-110, GEO-101, GEO-150 OR PHY-101
Humanities / Social Science: HUM-160, HUM-170, HUM-301, SOC-101, PSY-105 9
Semester THREE 
COM-130   Public Speaking 3
ENG-155   Creative Writing 3
ENG-160   Native American Literature 3
IT-115   Drawing / Visual Culture 3
ENG-161   Comparative Ethnic Literature 3
Semester FOUR 
ENG-205   Contemporary Navajo Literature 3
ENG-201   Beginning Fiction Writing OR
ENG-202   Intermediate Poetry Writing OR
ENG-203   Begin Writing for Stage and Screen
IT-111   Human Computer Interaction 3
IT-125   Introduction to Digital video 3
PSY-105   Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester FIVE 
ENG-301   Intermediate Fiction Writing OR
ENG-302   Intermediate Poetry Writing OR
ENG-203   Beginning Writing for Stage and Screen
ENG-304   Creative Non Fiction 3
HUM-305   Film History 3
IT-103   Creativity and Technology 3
IT-160   Introduction to Digital Ethics 3
Semester SIX 
ENG-401   Advanced Fiction Writing OR
ENG-402   Advanced Poetry Writing OR
ENG-403   Advance Writing for Stage and Screen
ENG-404   Creative Writing Thesis 4
ENG-405   Student Anthology 3
IT-230   Data Visualization 3
Semester SEVEN 
IT-142   Web Design Concepts (B) 3
IT-215   Motion Graphics (A) 3
IT-270   Web Standards (B) 3
IT-300   Sound Design (A) 3
IT-490A   Senior Project (Capstone) (A/B) 3
Semester EIGHT 
IT-490B   Senior Project (Capstone) (A/B) 3
CMP-301   Digital Publishing (B) 3
IT-480   Aural / Optical Perception (A/B) 3
ITS-415   Directing and Producing (A/B) 3


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