Advanced Manufacturing Technology B.A.S.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology B.A.S.


The Advanced Manufacturing Technology will provide students with a strong background in traditional methods while emphasizing new and emerging manufacturing methods. Students will acquire the specialized skills needed to digitize and computer model manufacturing processes including integrated simulations of multiple processes representing an entire plant. Foundational course work in materials and material processing will also be stressed

Upon graduation students will be able to apply commercially current methods of manufacturing in addition to creating simulations of these manufacturing processes enabling accurate detailed understanding of the dynamics of the process. These skills will promote identification and resolution of potential failures and bottlenecks. The creation of the simulations will require the exercise of the digital scanning skills included in the curriculum. The student's process knowledge gained through simulation skills will be directly applicable to the design and operation of real processes on the shop floor.

The curriculum utilizes multiple, state of the art, additive manufacturing technologies in conjunction with commercial CNC machine tools and state of the art, computerized metrology systems. The multiple scanning technologies and industrially current software are used in the instruction of collecting and processing digital data for integration into the multi-level computer simulation(s).

The successful graduate will have possible employe with major manufacturing firms, processing industries such as gas and oil industry, mining and food processing in addition to the construction industry, architecture also, film and media. The broad scope of the curriculum will provide a good preparation for entrepreneurial opportunities.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technology Requirements (120 Credits)

ENGR-103   Introduction to Engineering 3
ENGR-123   Computer Skills for Engineering 3
ENGR-130   Engineering Graphics and Solid Modeling 3
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
Semester TWO 
ENGR-169   Basic Probability and Statistics 3
ENGR-143   Characteristics of Engineering Material 3
IT-105   Introduction to Programming 3
NAV-211   Navajo History 3
MTH-121   College Algegbra 4
Semester THREE 
ENG-112   Technical Research and Writing 3
ENGR-230   Advanced Mechanical Drafting 3
MTH-123   Trigonometry 4
IE-223   Design and Manufacturing Process I 3
PHY-111   Algebra Based Physics 4
Semester FOUR 
AMT-311   Laser Scanning Methods / Techniques 3
AMT-210   Applied GD&T 3
AMT-370   Robotics / Offline Programming 3
AMT-325   Digital Inspection / Quality Control 3
Semester FIVE 
MTH-162   Calculus I 4
ME-345   Statics 3
CHM-120   General Chemistry I 4
IE-243   Strengths of Materials 3
HUMXXX   Humanities Elective 3
Semster SIX 
IT-340   Computer Simulation and Analysis 3
ME-305   Introduction to System Dynamics 3
IE-213   Structure and Property of Materials 3
IE-483   Rapid Prototyping 3
IE-343   Design and Manufacturing Process II 3
Semester SEVEN 
AMT-401   Capstone 4
IE-463   Facility Planning and Material Handling 3
IE-484   Computer Aided Manufacturing and Robotics 3
IE-433   Metrology and Instrumentation 3
HUMXXX   Humanities Elective 3
Semester EIGHT 
AMT-412   Advanced Digital Inspection 3
AMT-415   Simulation of Manufacturing Systems 3
AMT-430   PLC Programming 3
HUMXXX   Humanities Elective 3
HUM-170   History of Native Americans in Media 3


Program Advisor
Dr. Vincent Vohnout, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering/Digital Manufacturing
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Ohio State University
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University

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