Early Childhood Multicultural Education A.S.

Early Childhood Multicultural Education A.S.


The Early Childhood Multicultural Education program provides a transferable associate degree which meets the requirements for articulation with the state of New Mexico and across the Navajo Nation and is a New Mexico state approved program under the NM Department of Education. Upon completion of the core credit hours in the degree program, students may be issued a state certificate from the Children, Youth, and Families Department. The state certificate will indicate completion of the required Early Childhood Multicultural Education vocational courses.

Students graduating from this program will be able to work in the early childhood education field and/or pursue various bachelor degrees in the field of Early Childhood education. The program is consistent with the new core curriculum requirements for New Mexico, and incorporates cultural and linguistic standards required by the Navajo Nation. Courses in this program reflect Navajo family home values, beliefs, and experiences. The curriculum prepares students to demonstrate their skills and work effectively with children from birth to age 8 in a variety of settings

An additional fee for the state-issued certificate required.

Students enrolled in this program must also:

  • Submit a Teacher Education Program application to the Department of Public Education as required for Elementary Teaching (K-3).
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA while in the program

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Early Childhood Multicultural Education Requirements (70 Credits)

Semester ONECredits
English / Communication 9
        ENG-105 or ENG-110  
        COM-130 or COM-150  
        ENG-111 or ENG-112  
Mathematics: 4
        MTH-121 or higher  
Diné Studies: 3 – 6
Natural or Physical Science: 8
Social / Behavioral Science: 6
Humanities / Fine Arts: (History Req) 9
Information Tech / Applied Computers: 3
        CMP-101 or higher  
Early Childhood Multicultural Education Core Requirements 
Semester ONECredits
ECM-110   Child Growth, Development, and Learning 3
ECM-112   Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3
ECM-116   Family and Community Collaboration 3
Semester TWO 
ECM-125   Introduction to Literacy and Reading Development 3
ECM-210   Guiding Young Children 3
ECM-245   Professionalism 2
Semester THREE 
ECM-220   Curriculum Development and Implementation I 3
ECM-220A   Practicum 2
Semester FOUR 
ECM-225   Curriculum Development and Implementation I 3
ECM-225A   Practicum II 2
ECM-235   Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Programs 3
Total Required Credit Hours70

NOTE: The Early Childhood Multicultural Education program has specific general education courses that students are encouraged to take so students should check with their advisor in order to choose the preferred courses from the general education electives.


Communication: 9 Credits
COM-130   Public Speaking (3 Credits)
ENG-110   English Composition I (3 Credits)
ENG-111   English Composition II (3 Credits)

Mathematics: 3 Credits (minimum)
MTH-121   College Algebra (4 Credits)
MTH-123   Trigonometry (4 Credits)
MTH-213   Elementary Statistics (3 Credits)

Laboratory Sciences: 8 Credits (minimum)
BIO-120   Principles of Biology I with Lab (4 Credits)
BIO-122   Principles of Biology II with Lab (4 Credits)
ENV-102   Environmental Science I with Lab (4 Credits)
ENV-182   Environmental Science II with Lab (4 Credits)
GEO-101   Principles of Geology with Lab (4 Credits)
GEO-150   Environmental Geology with Lab (4 Credits)

Diné Studies: 6 Credits
NAV-101   Navajo Language (4 Credits)
NAV-110   Foundations in Navajo Culture (3 Credits)
NAV-195   Diné Philosophy of Education (3 Credits)

Social / Behavioral Sciences: 6 Credits
PSY-105   Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)
PSY-210   Developmental Psychology (3 Credits)
PSY-195/295   Topics in Psychology (1 – 3 Credits)
SOC-101   Introduction to Sociology (3 Credits)
SOC-210   Sociology of Social Problems (3 Credits)
SOC-195/295   Topics in Sociology (1 – 3 Credits)

Humanities and Fine Arts: 9 Credits (At least 3 credits in History required)
NAV-211   Navajo History (3 Credits)
HST-210   American History to 1877 (3 Credits)
HST-211   American History 1877 to Present (3 Credits)
HST-220   History of the American Southwest (3 Credits)
HST-195/295   Topics in History (1 – 3 Credits)
ART-110   Art Studio I (3 Credits)
ART-195/295   Topics in Art (1 – 3 Credits)
ENG-150   Introduction to Literature (3 Credits)


Program Advisors
Della Begay, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 505.786.4304

M.A., Education, Bilingual Education, Arizona State University
B.A., Bilingual and Bicultural Education, Fort Lewis College


Franklin Elliott, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education / Department Chair for School of Business and Education (Chinle)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 928.674.3697

M.Ed., Administration and Supervision, Arizona State University
M.A., Education: Bilingual & Multicultural Education, Northern Arizona University
B.S., Education: Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University
A.A., Liberal Arts, Navajo Community College

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