Professional Baking A.A.S.

Professional Baking A.A.S.


The Professional Baking degree program provides students with advanced baking skills for the higher levels of commercial baking in a professional environment. Instruction focuses on a maximum hands-on experience as well as theory and safety. Students will be involved in all aspects of baking preparation including breads, sweet breads, assorted pastries, cakes and cake decorating. The program also includes advanced techniques such as working with spun sugar, chocolate, and design requirements for individual plates used in more formal setting such as banquets, catering, and fine dining establishments.

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Professional Baking Requirements (60 Credits)

General Education RequirementsCredits
English / Communication 6
        COM-130 or COM-150  
Mathematics: 4
        MTH-121 or higher  
Diné Studies: 3 – 4
Natural or Physical Science: 4
Humanities / Social Science 3
Information Tech / Applied Computer: 3
        CMP-101 or higher  
Professional Baking Core Requirements 
Semester ONE 
CUL-103   Food Safety and Sanitation 3
BKG-101   Professional Cooking I 8
Semester TWO 
BKG-111   Professional Baking II 8
CKG-108   Professional Cooking Basics 3
BKG-112   Professional Baking Internship 3
Semester THREE 
CUL-201   ServSafe Essentials 3
Semester FOUR 
BKG-201   Art of Grand Finale 3
BKG-202   Advanced Cake Decoration 3
CUL-207   Management and Supervision 3
Total Required Credit Hours60


Program Advisors
Joseph Chapa, Master Technical Instructor of Commercial Baking
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 505.906.5020

M.A., Management, Webster University
B.S., Business Management, Sul Ross University
A.A., Culinary Arts, Technical Vocational Institute (TVI) Albuquerque
A.A.S., Aircraft Technology, Maxwell AFB Community College
Certificate, Management, Technical Vocational Institute, Albuquerque
Certificates in Quality Foods, Baking, Safety & Sanitation, Food Management, TVI-Albuquerque


Gail Shackelford, Pastry and Confections Technical Instructor
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certificate, ACFI Greater Atlanta Chapter, Christopher Northmere Dessert Seminar
Certificate, Sanitation, McKenzie College
Diploma, Culinary, Recognition of the Salon Culinary Arts Competition