Geographic Information Technology A.A.S.

Geographic Information Technology A.A.S.


The Geographic Information Technology (GIT) program will serve to introduce students to the fundamental principles of geographic information systems, remote sensing, database applications, cartography, and enable students to understand the current state of knowledge residing in a geographic information system. The GIT program seeks to ready students for positions with governmental agencies, engineering companies, and topographical drafting organizations. Through the knowledge they receive from this program, they will also be capable of finding employment in a GIT department.

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Geographic Information Technology Requirements: 60 Credits

Semester ONECredits
DFT-120   Computer Aided Drafting 3
ENG-110   Freshman Composition 3
NAV-101   Introduction to Navajo Language 3
GIT-105   Fundamentals of Cartography 3
GIT-110   Geographic Information System I 3
Semester TWO 
COM-130   Public Speaking 3
MTH-121   College Algrebra 4
ENV-102   Environmental Science I 4
GIT-111   Geographic Information Systems II 3
ENGR-103   Introduction to Engineering 3
Semester THREE 
HUM-160   Global Cinema 3
ENV-245   Natural Resources I 4
MTH-123   Trigonometry 4
GIT-202   Remote Sensing 3
GIT-210   Service Learning Project 1
Semester FOUR 
PHY-111   Algebra Based Physics 4
IT-230   Data Visualization 3
GIT-207   GIS Software Applications 3
GIT-220   Database Query 3
Total Required Credit Hours60


Program Advisor
Ramsey Seweingyawma, Assistant Professor of Geospatial Engineering Technology
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 505.786.4395

M.Ed., Secondary Education, Arizona State University
B.S., Civil Engineering, Arizona State University