Energy Systems A.A.S.

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Energy Systems A.A.S.


The Energy Systems program teaches students the fundamentals of electricity, magnetism, photovoltaic electrical systems, and wind generation. This program will emphasize techniques to harness the earth’s renewable energy sources. Students will study energy related applications, design and installation, and renewable energy topics. Students will learn residential and commercial wiring techniques, programming controls and electrical motors. Students will also learn to apply the National Electrical Code (NEC) for safe and reliable electrical installations. Solar street lighting, photovoltaic electrical systems, wind turbine fabrication and installation, and collection of wind resources will also be covered in addition to stand-alone, grid-tied, and net-metering systems.

Students will explore science, mathematics, technology, and engineering while they study the transformation of mechanical energy to electrical energy. Moreover, the design and construction of photovoltaic, wind, and solar systems will enable students to supplement existing energy needs at home, in their communities, and throughout the Navajo Nation. This degree program offers hands-on training that will not only prepare students to compete for job opportunities in the traditional construction and service-related industries, but also meet the challenge for the growing demand in the development of eco-friendly renewable energy systems.

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A.A.S. - Energy Systems Requirements: 64 Credits

General Education RequirementsCredits
English / Communication: 6
        COM-130 or COM-150  
Mathematics: 4
        MTH-121 or higher  
Diné Studies: 3 – 4
Natural or Physical Science 4
Humanities / Social Science: 3
Information Tech / Applied Computers 3
        CMP-101 or higher  
Energy Systems Core Requirements 
Semester ONE 
ELC-101   Electrical Theory I 4
ERS-104   Electrical Mathematics 3
Semester TWO 
ELC-111   Commercial Wiring 4
ERS-102   Photovoltaic Theory / Design 3
ENV-102   Environmental Science I 4
Semester THREE 
ELC-102   Electrical Theory Lab I 2
ERS-106   Wind and Solar Power 3
GIT-110   Geographic Information Systems I 3
Semester FOUR 
ERS-114   National Electrical Code Exam Prep 3
ERS-115   Systems Control 3
Total Required Credit Hours64


Program Advisor
Raymond Griego, Master Technical Instructor of Alternative Energy
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 505.786.4308

B.S., Vocational Education, Southern Illinois University
Secondary 7-12 License #210167, Level 2: Endorsement Technology Education, Post-Secondary License #210167, Level 2; Endorsement Vocational Technical, NM Dept. of Educ.
Electrical Contractor
Journeyman's Electrician, NM State Regulations and Licensing
Department Certificate, Photocoltaic/Wind Installations, Solar Energy
Journeyman's Inside Wireman Card #D641905, IBEW Local 611



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