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Institutional Research


"Navajo Technical College is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to offer associate of applied science degrees and certificates.  The results of an accreditation visit held in April 2010 renewed the college accreditation for eight years and approved the college's request for a change of mission to allow it to offer a bachelor of Applied Science degree in Information Technology.  This degree will consist of 37 General Education credits, 36 core technology credits, and track credits for a total of 127 credits.  The degree issued will be a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology.  Noted on the degree will be one of three tracks:  Computer Science, Digital Manufacturing, or New Media.  The baccalaureate degree will prepare students for employment in the area of Information Technology which the Department of Labor calls a top profession growth field in the next ten years.

The best part of the year was when Dr. Jill Biden and Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, attended the Aspen Institute's announcement event that ranked Navajo Tech in the top 10 percent community colleges in the United States.  According to the Aspen Institute, "each of the 120 colleges ranked has demonstrated high standards for learning, college completion without delay," and success "as training grounds for jobs that pay competitive wages".  This award is a source of price not only for Navajo Tech, but also for Carl Perkins, which funds many of the activities that allowed Navajo Tech to become one of the top 10% of community colleges in the nation."


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