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At its 1979 inception as the Navajo Skill Center, the school attempted to meet the immediate needs of an unemployed population. In 1985 the Board of Directors changed the Skill Center's name to Crownpoint Institute of Technology. By Executive Mandate in 1994, CIT was designated a Land Grant college; this status has led to rapid expansion of the school's facilities and services as well as to its increasing influence in the academic community. In November 2006, the Navajo Nation Council approved changing the name to Navajo Technical College, and in August of 2013, NTC obtained University status.

NTU is a well respected technical-vocational tribal college that addresses the continually changing requirements of its students. The university offers a broad selection of certificates and degree programs, each designed to prepare students for entry into careers and further education.

Navajo Tech's main campus offers courses in Applied Computer Technology, Carpentry, Diné Studies, Early Childhood Education, Mathematics, English, Information Technology, Environmental Science, Industrial Engineering, New Media, and much more! NTU has an open enrollment policy.

On-site registration is on-going; to see when classes start, please view our official academic calendar. For more information: 505-786-4100 or apply today…



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